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  • WiFi Management for Parenting

    I’ve been futzing for what feels like a year with the WiFi trying out various things. Basically, instead of the wife turning off all the WiFi and none of us having it, I’ve been playing with a few things to bring some sanity. The first approach was the wife disconnected the wifi router. That meant…

  • Introvert Myths

    This Huffington Post piece, 6 Things You Thought Wrong About Introverts is not terrible. It covers these myths about introverts. All introverts are shy — and all shy people are introverts. Introverts don’t like to be around people. (Anti-social) Introverts don’t make good leaders or public speakers. Introverts have more negative personalities. (Depression) Introverts are more…

  • Invention vs Sustaining

    Alien 7… I mean, uh… Prometheus opened today. I am going to see it with some friends Sunday. One star or five, I would go see it. Heck, several other movies by Ridley Scott got me to buy a ticket just because of the first Alien movie. Naturally this movie is going to take bad…

  • Teeshirt Roundup

    Recently, Patrick asked how many geeky teeshirts do I have? I have 17 unique shirts. (Bought multiples of a few.) Bruce asked how many have a picture on Facebook? He had posted many of the pictures of me and most of those involve a geeky teeshirt. Thinkgeek Shirts got root? /Everyone stand back/ I know…

  • TED Talk: Epic Wins

    While I like video games and found Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter an entertaining ride, I am skeptical when people describe video games in all glowing terms. Like everything, they improve specific skills. Also people are attracted to games in which they have specific skills.…

  • What Makes You Happy?

    Apparently singing to females makes male birds happy by triggering certain parts of their brains. Video games, chocolate, and some drugs like cocaine are associated with similarly creating happiness. How are you stimulating your VTA?

  • ST:XP Shutting Down

    Star Trek: The Experience is shutting down September First? Geeks don’t make the annual pilgrimage to pray at the alter of the captain’s chair. Maybe Vegas is too expensive. Between dropping hundreds monthly on movie tickets, DVDs, comics, and video games, spending three months rent to see ST:XP doesn’t have the right magic.

  • Give in to the Dark Side

    Salivating…  SW: The Force Unleashed. Its been well past time to get a Wii.

  • Obscurity Obsolescence

    Along the same lines as Lacey’s Travel and Usability post, libraries are not really designed to be very usable. Well… unless you think like a librarian. Who gets a MLIS degree in order to use a library. Okay… I would… bad example. The below article’s Digital Natives are kids who have played video games all…