What Makes You Happy?

Apparently singing to females makes male birds happy by triggering certain parts of their brains. Video games, chocolate, and some drugs like cocaine are associated with similarly creating happiness.

How are you stimulating your VTA?





3 responses to “What Makes You Happy?”

  1. Sholeh Avatar

    Chocolate is definitely a good way to make me happy. haha.

    But honestly, I’ve found that being of service to others, cheesy as it may sound, actually makes me happier than anything else. I think it takes me outside myself, doesn’t allow me to get too self-involved.

  2. Ezra F Avatar
    Ezra F

    Some of the stuff I’ve read about happiness makes the point that it is anticipation who makes us happy not some kind of reward. Also, the less obvious certainty for getting a reward but bigger the value, the stronger the feeling of happiness.

    That should set service up to be very high up there.

  3. Kellee Avatar

    Happiness to me is having no worries, no bills, a home that’s paid for and someone that loves me more than themselves.

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