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  • WiFi Management for Parenting

    I’ve been futzing for what feels like a year with the WiFi trying out various things. Basically, instead of the wife turning off all the WiFi and none of us having it, I’ve been playing with a few things to bring some sanity. The first approach was the wife disconnected the wifi router. That meant […]

  • The plight of the older sibling

    Older siblings are shaped by parents into perfectionists to set an example for the younger siblings. They are less likely to do bad things and more likely to turn out better than the younger siblings. What it also says to me is it is effective on the older siblings. If the parents maintained the same […]

  • Protected: Nice Letter

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Sneeze With Me Now… – Preventing allergies might get a little dirty Here’s the new wisdom: Early exposure to pets, peanuts and intestinal worms might actually be good for you, because they program the developing immune system to know the difference between real threats, such as germs, and Aunt Millie’s cat.Evidence to support this view has been mounting […]

  • Why Kids Hate to Wear Coats

    NPR : Why Kids Hate to Wear Coats Kids would rather be the way they came into the world: naked. And as they adapt to the world of clothing, extra layers — particularly coats — add to their heightened perception of constriction. “It feels like they’re being really tightly bound, and it feels bad,” says […]

  • Career Day

    Nice, the Pita posts are working again. The ones that were not showing up from all last week are not visible. I would think that it was my computer that was the problem IF the posts had shown up on other computers. Had fun Friday talking to middle school students for Career Day. Don’t know […]