Things We Can Live Without

We have a tendency to over-exaggerate what will make us either happy or sad. That gadget, clothing, car, etc. probably will not turn the world into a Utopia. So I found this Profhacker post, “Things We Can Live Without” interesting. I don’t mean annoying things we could do without, like complaints about grades or being stuck in… Continue reading Things We Can Live Without

Cheesy Gift of the Year

What is the cheesiest gift someone could possibly give you this year for Christmas? I’ve been reading quite a bit about what people want for Christmas. I’m curious about those gifts you would hate to get but others would think you would like. Guess I’ll start. People surely know I shop on ThinkGeek. They might… Continue reading Cheesy Gift of the Year

Guns For Hire – Part 1

Guns For Hire – Part 1 Originally uploaded by cszar. I found this photo at Flickr really hilarious! Photographer’s description: “After the Muppet Show was canceled the main characters had to find other jobs. Dr. Bunsen, Kermit and Ms. Piggy opened their own security firm.” In case you can’t find the link to my Flickr… Continue reading Guns For Hire – Part 1

Spy Camera

A camera in a lighter? Don’t smoke, but I’ve gotta get one of these!?!

Xmas Wishlist

I want a laptop. Just wish I could afford one… 🙁 While I am at it, I also want my own house… a kickin home entertainment system… several computer systems (a G4 Mac, a couple different Linux types, a Sun, an SGI, an AIX, plus the facilities to support them all)… and a maid to keep all my crap… Continue reading Xmas Wishlist

Used Software

Lemme get this straight… one can go to Amazon and buy software used? I am sure there must be a disclaimer that the seller will have uninstalled it, but how can you be sure? It would suck to buy an online shooter, go to play and get denied because your key is already in use. By the way… I am glad… Continue reading Used Software


Ugh. I am finally reachable, I guess. Have a cell phone with voicemail and all that. Painful initiative I was thinking I should undertake but was also resisting. The straw was some of our servers went down the night before Thanksgiving due to a power failure. I didn’t know until my boss called to say… Continue reading Connected