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Blue Shirt Head Shot
Blue Shirt Head Shot

This personal blog is my external brain. Anything I need to remember goes here. Over the years as social media made it really easy to post there, I have come to neglect my external brain. That explains why I am no longer any good at remembering anything (not that I am getting older). It also explains why I went to the effort of digging up my posts from Friendster, LiveJournal, MovableType, Pitas, Vox, and Xanga. I feel better having everything in one place.

I have kept a blog since October 14, 2000. My first real staff position started a few months earlier. Over time I have gotten less openly personal in my blogging and more geek and work related. I don’t blog that much anymore, I guess because I have a family now. See Polymath Parent for my fatherhood posts.

I am a Technology Strategist for the University System of Georgia. That means I proactively work on our IT challenges. Lean forward. My areas include GeorgiaBEST, Georgia Archives, and others. See my Vizualize.Me for details on my work.

Things I geek in alphabetical order: Blogging. Bookworm. CIOs. Education. flickr. Georgia. Google. Internet. Linux. Online Learning. Oracle. Photography. Physics. Psychology. Science. Social media. technology. Technology-Entertainment-Design. user interface. Web 2.0.

I previously used a Canon Digital Rebel XT digital camera mostly for special events. Now-a-days, the Samsung NX300 is my special events camera. One can find more about my cameras and lenses in my profile at Flickr.

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  1. Donna Mills Avatar
    Donna Mills

    While reading your quotes section I decided to create a new religion. Where can we send our monetary gratitude – (of course I will take 20%)

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