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Category: Comics

  • Mixed-ish

    Because representation matters, I am looking forward to this spin-off of Black-ish.

  • Great Wave

    I think I first saw The Great Wave of Kanagawa at a museum in New York in 1992, which I guess would have been the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wikipedia says a copy resides there. At the time I was disappointed in there not being more SesshÅ« Tōyō. (I have a nominal connection to SesshÅ«.)…

  • Invention vs Sustaining

    Alien 7… I mean, uh… Prometheus opened today. I am going to see it with some friends Sunday. One star or five, I would go see it. Heck, several other movies by Ridley Scott got me to buy a ticket just because of the first Alien movie. Naturally this movie is going to take bad…

  • Haunted

    I really enjoyed the Haunted comic authored by my friends Steve(n). He’s always been fascinated by Halloween: both the movies and holiday. So creepiness is right up his alley. So this makes for perfect October reading.

  • The Glorious Four Eyed Chrome

    This is so me… Make your own at The Hero Factory

  • Steel

    Steel, originally uploaded by Ezra F. …aka John Henry Irons My Christmas present from Brian If you ever get a chance to pick up The Death of Superman (there is a graphic novel / aggregation of the comic issues involved), its a pretty good story arc. It happens I was collecting at the time of…

  • Protected: Little Gamers – Wee or WII

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • I Have a Shot

    w00t! Don’t be hatin’ cause I have a shot while you don’t….

  • Mister Shockwave… Sir?

    Ah, my…