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Maybe its intrinsic to human nature to seek our relevance. To our family. To our friends. To the world. We label those who fail to care about the impact of the behaviors on others as sociopaths. That is a bad thing in case you didn’t know. 🙂 I’ve heard people are happiest in jobs where… Continue reading Germane

Graduation Rates

Systemwide, only 48 percent of the students in Georgia’s four-year public institutions earn a degree within six years of enrollment, compared to a national average of 54 percent. Even allowing eight to 10 years, the percentage of students earning degrees climbs only slightly. In contrast, the Georgia high school graduation rate is between 56 and… Continue reading Graduation Rates

Once Librarian Aspirations

A recent comment I made regarding to another blogger regarding my interest in getting an MLIS: Huh… Back in college, MLIS was part of my career path. That seems like forever ago, but it was only less than eight years? It was a natural fit for me. As a university student, working in the library,… Continue reading Once Librarian Aspirations

Unplugged for the Holidays

How to spend a long holiday weekend – Lifehacker: Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, most likely you’ve got the day off this coming Monday. I hope you’ll spend it doing as little as possible. Forget the email, the IM, the RSS feeds, the Google searches, what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of… Continue reading Unplugged for the Holidays

Guns For Hire – Part 1

Guns For Hire – Part 1 Originally uploaded by cszar. I found this photo at Flickr really hilarious! Photographer’s description: “After the Muppet Show was canceled the main characters had to find other jobs. Dr. Bunsen, Kermit and Ms. Piggy opened their own security firm.” In case you can’t find the link to my Flickr… Continue reading Guns For Hire – Part 1


The Smalltalk Question (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought): One of the minor puzzles of American life is what question to ask people at parties and suchly to get to know them. “How ya doin’?” is of course mere formality, only the most troubled would answer honestly for anything but the positive. “What do you do?” is… Continue reading Smalltalk

Great Job?

BSA collects over $2M in settlements from U.S. companies: The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a watchdog group representing the nation’s leading software manufacturers, today announced it has collected over $2 million in settlements from 19 U.S. companies that were running illegal software. Compare that to this article from the BSA web site earlier this year:… Continue reading Great Job?

Anger and computers don’t mix

Ex-Boss Describes Sys Admin’s Anger During PaineWebber Sabotage Trial | June 8, 2006: On the day a system administrator at UBS PaineWebber learned his annual bonus had fallen short by about $15,000, he leveled an ultimatum at his boss: give him a written contract for more money or he was walking out the door, according… Continue reading Anger and computers don’t mix