Resolution progress 2022 : Q1

Read 12 30 books. I have finished 8, which is well above the 25% pace at 66.7%. Updating the goal to include 18 more books, so now 30. Will count audiobooks. Not counting kids books. Add 12 read to the kid at least 20 times. 1 of these. Not counting short stories / novellas. 4… Continue reading Resolution progress 2022 : Q1

Dream: Airbender gone wrong

This was one of those being chased dreams. Everyone has superpowers. Mine? If I move too fast in a single direction a glowing, writhing ball of explosives developed in front of me. My superpower was pulling the hydrocarbons out of the air to make an aerosol TNT. But only in front of me. If I timed… Continue reading Dream: Airbender gone wrong

Framing Dangers

Hurricane Michael leveled much of Mexico Beach, which is a place I know pretty well. Spread out over my lifetime, but a rough impression is, I think, I have spent about half a year at this particular town. That would rank it third longest of places where I have lived. Several people have expressed surprise… Continue reading Framing Dangers

Resolution Progress 2017: End

(Original ; First Quarter ; Half ; Third-Quarter ; Final) Well, I knew the goals were going to be ambitious. It is still disappointing that I did not meet them. I have said that the real reason I can read so much is that my time is my own, so I can do whatever I want outside of work. That meant reading… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2017: End

Resolution Progress 2017: Third Quarter

(Original ; First Quarter ; Half ; Third-Quarter ; Final) For the third quarter, I should have progressed about 75%. So, let’s see where I am. Read 52 books. Third quarter goal: 39 books. I have actually finished 43. Hit 20,000 pages. Third quarter goal: 15,000 pages. I have actually finished 12,515. So waaaay behind. Read politically. Total 10. Third quarter… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2017: Third Quarter

Unpopular Opinion

These posts seem intended to either… Get people to comment about how other readers have the exact same opinion. or Get people to flail at arguments against it, which makes the poster so defensive the backfire effect solidifies the opinion into no chance of ever being changed. Ever.