Unplugged for the Holidays

How to spend a long holiday weekend – Lifehacker:

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, most likely you’ve got the day off this coming Monday. I hope you’ll spend it doing as little as possible.

Forget the email, the IM, the RSS feeds, the Google searches, what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of Christmas, installing that latest Firefox update or running a defrag. Unplug and enjoy. You made it through another year and you’re wiser, more experienced and best of all – you’re alive. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, spend some good quality face time with the people you love, and have a very merry happy festive unplugged weekend. We know we will. Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Lifehacker.

LOL, I unplugged for Thanksgiving (more because I didn’t bring a charger for the lappy) back at home. It was near withdrawl! Yikes. So I haven’t for Christmas. 😛 I’m spending quality time with the family. They are on their computers too!

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