Once Librarian Aspirations

A recent comment I made regarding to another blogger regarding my interest in getting an MLIS: Huh… Back in college, MLIS was part of my career path. That seems like forever ago, but it was only less than eight years?

It was a natural fit for me. As a university student, working in the library, I worked the Reference desk for fun. One summer, four of the eight Reference Librarian positions needed  to be hired, so they hired me as a staff member to work full time on the desk to answer questions and help people. That was the best job I’d ever had at that point. It was definitely something I loved doing. The University Librarian offered to hire me should I go off to library school and apply to work there.

Computers won. I got a job I loved just a little bit more working in Information Technology. So I was hooked.

The possibility of going back in the library direction seems ever present. At first it was the possibility of turning my IT experience into a great admission into an Automation Librarian MLIS degree. Later, when I become full time staff at a university, my graduate school thoughts turned towards other degrees I could get for free. Eventually, the university started an MLIS program. While observing its likelihood of obtaining accreditation, I left for another job.

Maybe I’ll get an MLIS eventually? Maybe I’ll go another route? Who knows. Futurology has never served me well.

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