Rather enjoyed the Superbowl, writing and reading between commercials… Thought that the 2 new Budweiser commercials were actually hilarious. The GTI commercial with the 2 guys looking up in the oak tree wsa great. Probably because I have been in the situation of trying to knock something out of a tree on many occasion.

Content-Type: text/plain

Hmmmmmm…. of course a problem with emails not showing up in an email program would have to be due to people not giving the correct Content-Type header information. I mean, who in their right mind would use “Content-Type: text” when it should be “Content-Type: text/plain” with the charset… doesn’t everyone know that?

The weblog scene seems so crowded… with BloggerDiarylandLiveJournal, community weblogs, social group weblogs, sports weblogs… you name it, I bet there is a weblog for it… I had thought that the weblog is something for individuals, but obviously I was wrong.

In a chat room without anyone I know being there… just kind of lurking while surfing… thinking about updating the web page I have in my handle there… yeah, think I will!

You have to know your password in order to edit your web page… 🙂

This site is now operating under a new name… “Fountain of Knowledge Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric by Ezra”… okay, at first blush it is kind of lengthy, but I feel that is a fairly descriptive name for the site.


Hmmmmmm… really like this site. Can see what web server someone has installed on their web site. The site is NetCraft.

Caught some hacker wannabe scanning our server for scripts with known vulnerabilities. Why us? *sigh* Glad I hid those I knew about months ago, the little punks. Now I have to discover WHAT they found and what problems he might cause by finding them…


The new Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring theatrical trailer is out. This movie promises to surpass all of the dumbing down fantasy has done to movie audiences everywhere. Willow is probably my favorite fantasy move of all time with The Dark Crystala close second. Going to be a good Christmas!

Found a pretty nifty site… Echo streams music off their site without the use of RealPlayer, Media Player, or WinAmp. It does all the plug-in stuff in the background via ActiveX. Course, it probably is not kind to Macs or Netscape…

I take that back… it creates a player made in Flash that plays the music somehow… very sweet!

Script Kiddies

Got a scare at work… Searching for porn on the school’s search engine puts one of my home pages in the number 2 slot. Turns out I have a link to Furniture Porn.

Yesterday was pretty cool. Gave 3 presentations to some 7th graders for Career Day. A couple of them are really interested in hacking (maybe because I am opposed to hackers). Someone who works to make sure that others cannot hack into a web site probably would not tell you how to do it. Did describe for them some of the attacks and how they did. Asked them lots of questions. Most have computers and know the basics like email and surfing. They just need some help to move into the next step.


Feel very privileged sometimes. Matters of crushing weight have never really bogged down my life. Death, economics, misuse… these are all things I have been able to abstract because their impact have never really been much of a factor in my life.

For instance, with death, out of all the people I know well, only 2 have died in my life. Both were great aunts. All of my grandparents and great-grandparents except one were dead before I was even born.

I grew up in a pretty-much middle class neighborhood. No meals were missed because my parents had to make a choice between having a house or feeding me. Toys and books were a given to me and I had probably too much of both.

I used to find it ironic that friends would come to me for relationship advice. At some point I realized that my friends kinda KNEW what it was that they were supposed to do but needed someone to tell them to do it. So the question is “Does one need to have faced adversity and won to give advice?” Think the signs point to yes on this one.

Long weekends

Long weekends are the best. Can kick back and do nothing until the holiday!

Course, when I get back to work I still have to battle installing Front Page Extensions on the new web server. Hmmmmmm… maybe the trick is to clear out the data I have so meticulously massaged to be correct on the new server and install the Extensions, then add the data back? Glad I did this before the server went into production.


Lots of fun at work. Been pretty busy with last minute pre-Christmas stuff and the post-Christmas slide into the abyss. Got to build a web server we named “redeye” that will be our new main web server. Just need to complete some document verification and path adjusting. Installing stuff on Solaris is fun, no really… vi configure, make, make install (repeat as necessary)… 🙂

Perhaps I will get the time to go back and work on some graphics sometime? Maybe in a few weeks.

Enjoyed the lack of access to a computer. A positive sign that I have kicked my internet addiction. Being on the net at work all day has cured me of the irrational desire to have a data jack implanted in my skull so that I could turn any phone line into an internet connection.

Reading A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin. He is such a wonderful author with vivid characters and a stunning plot. A definite must-read for anyone that reads fantasy.