Bag Man

Apparently Kickstarter has decided I fit the profile of someone who wants the perfect bag. They may not be wrong.

One reason why I love winter is I can justify wearing a coat. My favorite coat has a gallon in pocket space. I can carry ALL THE CRAP. Phone, novel, notebook, pens, change, receipts, camera, chargers, headphones, batteries, highlighter, sharpie, etc. The coat becomes my purse.

I even have an October 2009 Facebook post:

Excited I get to wear my purse… I mean… coat this morning.

I have tons of backpacks. A couple work laptop ones. A couple personal laptop ones. A pool one. Three gym ones. And more lots of others.

I have a packed suitcase with a week’s worth of clothes packed so I would not have to pack in an emergency.

I know the pros and cons of each bag for each purpose. I have pretty much settled into having them correctly allocated.

New Page: Teeshirts

I'm blogging this
I'm blogging this.

I added a new page, Teeshirts, to this site. It joins my other pages: ReadingAbout Me, and Quotes to Make You Think. It documents my teeshirt collection from sites like Thinkgeek, Woot, and Threadless.

Yes, I already track my shirts with photos tagged with the term “teeshirt” on Flickr or Teeshirts I Own Pinterest board. Unfortunately, people do not seem to use Flickr much anymore. So much like Reading which is a page on my blog duplicating what I am doing with Goodreads, I’ll occasionally update the local blog version.

Prom Signalling

“Prom season spending is spiraling out of control as teens continuously try to one-up each other,” said Jason Alderman, senior director of global financial education for Visa. “It’s important to remember that the prom is a high school dance, not a wedding, and parents need to set limits in order to demonstrate financial responsibility.”

From Average prom cost tops $1,000 per teen.

Actually, just like a wedding, it is an opportunity for parents through their kids to exploit signaling theory to communicate they are doing fine financially to members of the community. Some economists complain of similar signalling such as cars that cost more than a house, expensive clothes, and elaborate parties. I seriously doubt children, even teenagers, force their parents to buy things the parents are not willing to buy. Otherwise there would be lots more boys dying in 100+mph car wrecks because they got a muscle car. (Boy do I love to use strawmen.)

Plus, prom is a status war. This year’s people have to out spend last year’s. You want to show you are doing better than the previous year’s people. This is because prom is a replication of debutante balls. But again, I think it is the parents outspending each other not the kids.

This may be the one time it is good for me not to have children.







Research on gender and education suggests boys might compete to answer questions to show they are “better” than their peers in the room. You know like how they compete playing video games, athletics, etc. Geek boys strive to be the center of attention by having the rarest toys or knowing the rarest facts. Geeks make interesting a commodity.

I want this teeshirt!

Number three is from Serenity:

Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburn: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Define “interesting”.
Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburn: [deadpan] Oh God, oh God, we’re all going to die?

Not everyone just… Nevermind. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you probably should.

But Sci-Fi movies with quippy dialog are like Smarties for geeks like me.

Black Is the New Black

When it comes to fashion I’m not the brightest candle. After all, my “style” has been the same since 2000 and regularly ridiculed by those have some sense. So it took me a whole week in Haifa to realize about half of the young women in nice clothes wore head to toe black and quarter wore a black skirt/pants with a white or gray top. Often the coats were a dark gray or dark brown, not necessarily black. These colors struck me as seeming weird.

On the promenade in Tel Aviv, we walked by a store who claimed the style of the season was white and black. Everything in the store used just those two colors.

Back here in the US, I looked to see if the same trend existed here. Truly people here are a rainbow of color.

I do think the absence of the rainbow of color started to bother me.

And… Yes, there were quite a number of really attractive women which drew my attention. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

New Outlook

New Glasses Yesterday, I bought new glasses. Its not much of a change, really. Black wire rims. The arms are thicker and more plastic. Its the same professional look I was sporting with the last pair, but the lenses are smaller and closer to my eyes. The nose pieces ride higher on my nose.

I likey.

As I have with every new pair of glasses, I can see things much more clearly. Of course, I’d probably be better by getting a new pair of glasses more frequently. Heck, I could never get the last pair clean because the anti-glare coating had eroded.

Something I noticed about shopping for glasses is most are horrendous. Now, I don’t know much about designers. Some brands seemed familiar from shopping for cologne? Do people really buy this crap? I went into the store with a list of possibilities. Interestingly, the storedidn’t have them organized in such a way as to make it easy to find them. Doh!

Elizabeth, the sales associate was pleasant and helpful. She picked up that I kind of knew what I wanted and avoided pushiness. A 180 from all the other times I gotten glasses.

6 Pairs

Thought I would get some work done today. Has not happened yet. Did actually clean out my Inbox so Monday morning will not be as dreadful.

Apparently, I am not really into shoes. I have 6 pair total (bought my 6th pair this afternoon). Of those 6, 3 were purchased by my father for me cause some store was going out of business when I was in high school. Never got around to getting rid of them. The remaining 3 consist of a pair of sneakers, a pair of black Rockports, and a pair of brown Bass I purchased this morning.

Now, I can wear brown shoes with my brown belt without concern that women will look at my shoes and belt with criticism that they do not match.