Ummmmmm…. No

This is an excerpt from a cold-call email:

If you feel you are suitable for this position and are available immediately, please forward your resume with the following details to me ASAP. The position with this client really closes very quickly. It is important that I get the following details along with your resume so as to make the overall process faster.

All the details would be held strictly confidential and would be used for informational purposes only.
Day & Month of DOB:
SSN# last 6 digits:

This could be legit, but the fact that a stranger is asking me for my SSN and DOB makes me think, “Oh, HELL NO!

Gardner’s Multiple IQs

Apparently my best of the multiple intelligences is Visual / Spatial. Really? Who’d have thunk?

Linguistic intelligence – okay with words, but by no means great.
Logical-mathematical intelligence – okay with logic too.
Spatial intelligence – adore shapes, movement in space, and visual puzzles.
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence –  decent hand-eye and foot-eye coordination for video games and football (aka soccer).
Musical intelligence – suck
Interpersonal intelligence – horrid
Intrapersonal intelligence – I think I know what I know, but do I really know anything at all?

Quiz: Web Browsers

Quiz question for the week…

How many web browsers do I have installed on my work computer?


People get in a tizzy over the dumbest things sometimes. Cell phones with cameras are not a menace to privacy, any camera can be. Yeah, cell phones are small. Lots of digital cameras are so small they can easily be used in the palm of a hand, hidden into small objects, or otherwise concealed.

We should not ban cell phones in order to ban cameras. We should ban cameras, even the really small ones.


Anyone else ready for the Olympics to be over? I watch 1 Olympic sport… soccer. They do not seem to play it during the Winter Olympics so I will have to settle for the World Cup this summer.

No ER last night so I just watched DVDs. Finished Gatchaman last night. Amazing how stuff seemed so familiar. Don’t know how old I was the first time I saw it.

From one of those surveys…

Some people say there is too much information being generated these days, considering all the TV news shows, magazines, newspapers, and computer information services. Others say they like having so much information available. Do you feel overloaded with information or do you like having so much information available?

Bring it on! Love information! Can’t get enough!

This is nice… Zoo Practices Polar Bear Breakout … thx OE

should have known it would happen… #1 at Google for “nerd rants“…


Color Genics

My Color Genics Profile:

You feel as if you have missed out in a great deal that life had to offer .. and you go about trying to make up for past failures ..Naturally at times you get depressed … and you try to compensate for your “missed opportunities” by living your life to the full … This is what, perhaps, may be described as “living with exaggerated intensity”. In this way you feel you can break the chains of the past and start again ..and it could be that you are right.

Recently you have been experiencing considerable mental anguish and turmoil. You are bored and discontent. Nothing seems to be going right for you. Even your relationships aren’t working out and you don’t quite know which way to turn.

Enough is enough … But the problems never seem to stop. They never stop.. You feel, and maybe you are right, that the problems seem to go on and on …and you have indeed had more than your fair share of trials and tribulations. But to give you credit …You bounce back – Time again and again…. you stick to your beliefs because deep down you have that inner knowledge, that “belief” system that in the end -everything will turn out OK…and you are right….it will!

Whatever has caused the situation…you just don’t seem to be able to sustain or maintain relationships as you would wish to. What you really seek is to be able to develop a relationship with someone with whom you can truly share: Love, Serenity, Peace and Quiet.

But you are a very demanding person and it is your nature that leads to disquiet and discord…you are like the tide,.. flotsam and jetsam…One minute you experience “highs” and a few moments later “lows”. This obviously will introduce discord into any relationship and it is the demanding attitude, the ideal state you desire, is unable to develop. Despite the urge to gratify your natural desires, you impose a considerable self-restraint on your instincts in the belief that this demonstrates your superiority and raises you above the common herd. You are extremely critical of everything that is presently going on around you…and you find it difficult to listen to, or to take advice from anyone. You enjoy the original, the ingenious and the subtle, and you strive to ally yourself with others of similar tastes.

You really like doing what you do and more than that, you like yourself. Your attitude to work and to life is that “If its not fun – then don’t do it” You want to be liked and respected, not for who you are but, for what you are.. and it seems to be working..

The danger with these kinds of things is the tendency to apply the description to one’s personality. There are studies which show psychology students read descriptions of mental illnesses and see how they have the same symptoms. It is a delusion of applying something that minimally exists and exaggerating it beyond what really does.

I’ve done enough color tests to know that red is associated with manic-like, outgoing behavior. Black is associated with depression-like behavior. My favorite colors are red and black. They have been for a long time. Does that mean I have a low-key manic-depressive attitude? Wait… my sign is Aries, whose principle planet is Mars, which is the Red Planet! Oh, no! I need to find a mental ward!