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  • QotD: Define Cheating

      What is your definition of cheating? Using duplicitous behavior for one’s own benefit. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

  • Guess What This Is… And How I Took It.

    Guess What This Is… And How I Took It., originally uploaded by Ezra F.

  • Some Unanswered Questions

    Do you think people of mixed racial backgrounds are attractive? (I enjoy answering the questions at If you were the only person that knew that a guest had died on the way to a wedding, would you tell the bride and groom?

  • Ummmmmm…. No

    This is an excerpt from a cold-call email: If you feel you are suitable for this position and are available immediately, please forward your resume with the following details to me ASAP. The position with this client really closes very quickly. It is important that I get the following details along with your resume so […]

  • Gardner’s Multiple IQs

    Apparently my best of the multiple intelligences is Visual / Spatial. Really? Who’d have thunk? Linguistic intelligence – okay with words, but by no means great. Logical-mathematical intelligence – okay with logic too. Spatial intelligence – adore shapes, movement in space, and visual puzzles. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence -  decent hand-eye and foot-eye coordination for video games and football (aka soccer). Musical intelligence – […]

  • Answer: Web Browsers

    Here is the answer to the question of the week… “How many web browsers do I have installed on my work computer?” Internet Explorer 6.0 Netscape 7.x Netscape 4.x Opera 7.x Mozilla 1.x Phoenix 0.x Lynx 2.8.4 Ghostzilla I have 8 web browsers installed at work. At home, I just have 3 (IE, Phoenix, and […]

  • Quiz: Web Browsers

    Quiz question for the week… How many web browsers do I have installed on my work computer? 🙂 People get in a tizzy over the dumbest things sometimes. Cell phones with cameras are not a menace to privacy, any camera can be. Yeah, cell phones are small. Lots of digital cameras are so small they can […]

  • Gatchaman

    Anyone else ready for the Olympics to be over? I watch 1 Olympic sport… soccer. They do not seem to play it during the Winter Olympics so I will have to settle for the World Cup this summer. No ER last night so I just watched DVDs. Finished Gatchaman last night. Amazing how stuff seemed so familiar. Don’t […]

  • Find out your color at

    BLUE You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive. Find out your color at!

  • Color Genics

    My Color Genics Profile: You feel as if you have missed out in a great deal that life had to offer .. and you go about trying to make up for past failures ..Naturally at times you get depressed … and you try to compensate for your “missed opportunities” by living your life to the full […]