The View
The View

Ever want to know just who is linking to your web site? Well, these tools will tell you…

Popularity by AddMe checks who links to you from Hotbot, AltaVista, and Google.

The WebTrends Network: Site Popularity Check! compares your site to other sites on AltaVista.

Of course there are lots of other sites that do similar things.

Wow… fixing broken links… well, when I can… otherwise informing the owner of the web site… frustrating work…

Got the QuickCam installed once again. Here is the first pic… the view of the office window

Open Everywhere

Note for future reference… “Open Everywhere” does not mean literally that the movie will be available everywhere. Guess Georgia Theatre Company has better pursuits for making money like Left Behind or Sugar & Spice before they show highly rated or even anticipated movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. How soon I forget… Movies like The Color Purple and Elzabeth took months to appear here. Looks like I will be going to Tallahassee where they have real theatres any way to see CT,HD.


My what a quiet morning. Woke up early as usual and just sat back and continued reading A Storm of Swords. Only on page 710 or so. At least I am nearing the end. Seems like George has managed to pull the rug out from under me a couple more times. Excellent writer and very hard to anticipate. The story has me entralled because just when I think I have something anticipated I find evidence that I am going to be wrong and then totally blind-sided.

[Rant]Find it amazing how people are so willing to use email lists to further their agendas. The harsh words and the stretching of facts… the anger. What is ironic is the perceived tone I get of bitterness really takes me from thinking “I would support this” to “I will not support this person”. Someone so angry… so full of bitterness does not rationally approach the situation. I have seen people so mired in this desire to further the agenda that they will say and do anything to further it.

All they want is to make sure that they get what they want. I find this duplicitous manipulation of others emotions for a cause insulting. It is as though they think that I cannot see through this charade, this farce. By plunking at my emotional strings they think that everyone will come to their aid.

Then again… some people do. Some people are so easily manipulated that they will be manipulated by hate speech. Charisma is something that can be the most dangerous factor in any battle. Perception is everything to us. People will follow a dictator if they a gulled into believing the ones the dictator opposes are evil. Described by a skilled orator, an old man giving a little boy a candy cane a Christmas can be a pervert.[/Rant]

Now that I have become a hypocrite, I will stop… 🙂

Kuddos to Slyflame as she has read one of the best authors ever… George R. R. Martin.

That is funny… got kicked out of a computer lab because they were going to have a class in there. Lo and behold, no one showed. Gee… a Saturday class? Riiiigggghhhhtttt. As a college student, we had a professor tell us that we would have to go to a Saturday class because we got the 4th of July off… 5 of the 30 of us showed. We got extra credit, but still… Saturday class? It should be unconstitutional!

Okay… I may have a new favorite web site… for annoying Danny & Joe at work… Dumb Facts: Why Do You Care? which has news, statistics, random facts, insights, wierd brand names, on and on and on…

Oui, je suis un nerd!

Interesting site… The Super-Scientific, Remarkable Accurate Gender Test… hey, it could guess that I am a male, so how bad could it be?

The Phobia List
Another site to check… what fears do you hide?

New Glasses

New Glasses
New Glasses

Probably was just me, but could not get here yesteday afternoon. Have a new pic available… Pic of my new glasses…

Found the buttons for the Netmind.com service. Like the thought of a service that check for updates for me. Maybe I am a slacker and should do my own checking, but a reminder email helps for some reason… In case you are interested, the service is at http://www.netmind.com/html/webmaster_buttons.html

Remember years ago when this could have been me… Robert Luhn’s “Diary Of A Mad Surfer”

Really enjoyed watching Attila Part 1 last night. Think I will catch part 2 tonight. Romans in heavy armor throwing the pilum, forming shield walls vs the Hun hordes? Maybe I just enjoy swords and armies? Course, I am still salivating over LOTR.

Ah, yeah! Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon finally is going to open everywhere! Guess a movie who has won such laurels is deserving of a national audience? Just looked at the site… who would YOU believe? The web site or the TV commercial? Guess 10 years from now, when the TV is as outdated as the radio, the web site will the authoratative source. Until then I look forward to seeing this martial arts marvel in the theatre… even if I have to go to Tallahassee, FL or another large city to see it.


Rather enjoyed the Superbowl, writing and reading between commercials… Thought that the 2 new Budweiser commercials were actually hilarious. The GTI commercial with the 2 guys looking up in the oak tree wsa great. Probably because I have been in the situation of trying to knock something out of a tree on many occasion.

Content-Type: text/plain

Hmmmmmm…. of course a problem with emails not showing up in an email program would have to be due to people not giving the correct Content-Type header information. I mean, who in their right mind would use “Content-Type: text” when it should be “Content-Type: text/plain” with the charset… doesn’t everyone know that?

The weblog scene seems so crowded… with BloggerDiarylandLiveJournal, community weblogs, social group weblogs, sports weblogs… you name it, I bet there is a weblog for it… I had thought that the weblog is something for individuals, but obviously I was wrong.

In a chat room without anyone I know being there… just kind of lurking while surfing… thinking about updating the web page I have in my handle there… yeah, think I will!

You have to know your password in order to edit your web page… 🙂

This site is now operating under a new name… “Fountain of Knowledge Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric by Ezra”… okay, at first blush it is kind of lengthy, but I feel that is a fairly descriptive name for the site.


Hmmmmmm… really like this site. Can see what web server someone has installed on their web site. The site is NetCraft.

Caught some hacker wannabe scanning our server for scripts with known vulnerabilities. Why us? *sigh* Glad I hid those I knew about months ago, the little punks. Now I have to discover WHAT they found and what problems he might cause by finding them…