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Category: Free speech

  • Revoked Citizenship?

    I wonder what happens to someone whose United States citizenship is revoked. My president-elect suggested this as a potential consequence to burning the American flag. [1] Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail! — Donald J.…

  • TED Talk: How language transformed humanity

    Language is our genes talking; getting things that it wants. … Social learning is visual theft.

  • UGA Pres defends speaker choice

      Judge Clarence Thomas is the perfect choice to speak at UGA’s graduation. He is from Georgia. He has a unique view of national coverage for sexual harassment scandals. So Judge Thomas shows it is possible for stupid scandals of the past to net awesome book deals. Read and post comments | Send to a…

  • Blogging Censored In China

    China wants to be a major player in the world. Yet they seem to consistently want to curtail dissension within their borders. Lately China has shut down blogging sites. In the past they have installed technology to sift through emails and web sites for subversive material. Cherish your freedom to say what you wish (as…

  • Ethnic Tshirt Ban

    A local school has banned teeshirts with “ethnic” messages. Does that mean that sports team jerseys like for the Indians or the Braves are now banned? Probably not.