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  • Unpopular Opinion

    These posts seem intended to either… Get people to comment about how other readers have the exact same opinion. or Get people to flail at arguments against it, which makes the poster so defensive the backfire effect solidifies the opinion into no chance of ever being changed. Ever.

  • Goal Progress

    Yesterday was the 182nd day of the year, so at the halfway point, here is an update on my resolution progress. Complete unfinished novel series. I finished the Harry Potter series at the first update. The Sword of Truth series is now done. I have most of the Ender’s series books, so I am working on […]

  • Google Video EOL May 13, 2011

    Google Video told me I have to move my videos before they delete them on May 13, 2011. They suggested Youtube (since Google owns Youtube). Instead of a button to move them all to Youtube with the titles, descriptions, and view counts intact, they gave me a link to my video status page where I […]

  • Resolved

    Yesterday was the 100th day of the year, so I figured I would figure out my progress with those pesky resolutions. Complete unfinished novel series. I finished the Harry Potter series. I am simultaneously working on the Sword of Truth and Ender series. The Shadow Rising was such an awful book I gave up on […]

  • Merry Christmas

    So far it has been a good day. My grandmother the whole family has rallied around appears to be improving. The rest of the family are doing well. Friends are scattered to the four winds to visit with family. I am content. It as been a good year. Met some awesome people Pilgrimage Reading goal […]

  • Community

    Are people in the United States more insular? Is technology getting in the way of us being able to communicate? Why is technology breaking up marriages according to NPR? The line which stood out to me is: But opportunity is a key predictor of infidelity, and social media have increased opportunity exponentially. Just 10 minutes […]

  • Dorm, Major, or Race

    “College freshmen are more likely to make friends with peers they share a dorm room or major with than they are to befriend those from similar racial backgrounds…” I barely remember my roommate from living in the dorm freshman year. He was as much a stranger to me as the person you routinely run into […]

  • She Hearts Me

    She hearts Me taken by Ezra F

  • Lives Intertwined

    Britt and Adrianne with Minister Had fun at brittsaqt and aya1081 ‘s wedding on Saturday. It was my first time pretending to know what I am doing with a camera and tripod. Aya1081 is happy with the results, so I am happy. This was first time anyone has ever asked me to do a wedding, […]

  • Smile

    Smile, originally uploaded by Ezra F. aya1081