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Google Video EOL May 13, 2011

Google Video told me I have to move my videos before they delete them on May 13, 2011. They suggested Youtube (since Google owns Youtube). Instead of a button to move them all to Youtube with the titles, descriptions, and view counts intact, they gave me a link to my video status page where I can download my videos and start all over. I only used Google Video on the occasions where I had trouble with Youtube. So I only had eight videos to move. If I had 80, then I would be quite annoyed at having to download them all from Google Video, record all the titles and descriptions, and recreate all that on Youtube.

Anyway, here is a video I rescued. It is of dancers at the St. Philothea Greek Festival. A couple of friends were dancers. I am really disappointed with the quality. I should go look for the originals and repost those instead. Oh, of course there I have a Greek Festival Flickr photoset.



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  1. Ezra S F Avatar

    Apparently people complained to Google about the migration process from Google Video to Youtube. GV now has an “Upload Videos to YouTube” option.

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