Friends and Food Fourth

The 4th was a good day off of work. No problems. Got to do the rounds and see some friends. Good food. Great company.


demean dih-MEEN (verb) : to conduct or behave (oneself) usually in a proper manner Wonder why I’ve always thought this meant something like “to abase or oneself; lower in station”? I am thinking that I’ve usually seen this in the context of someone that is getting reprimanded or having to something they do not want… Continue reading dih-MEEN

In and Out

Had lunch with Cat, Dusty, Tamara, and Leti. Was very good to see them all again. Sharon was in and out since she technically was working. Right now I am listening to the new Essential Mix with Paul Jackson. I really enjoyed last week’s with Ashley Casselle. Oh, I seriously doubt that A Feast for Crows from the… Continue reading In and Out

download the internet!

Another lamer graduates today… Andy will be a college graduate. This is great… download the internet! Tomorrow will be a good day. No, I am not talking about the office Christmas party. That will be kewl… the good part will be the ending of the anticipation about LOTR The secret of Tolkien’s ‘Rings’ (CNN) I’ve gotten dumber… Congratulations,… Continue reading download the internet!

Apache Mod_Rewrite Worked

My log rotation script failed? My banner was ugly? WTF? At least the Apache Mod_rewrite worked. Rewrote it from memory. My personal opinion/ observation: If the value of something exceeds $2 and there is no intention of replacing or paying for it, then do not call it borrowing.  


Wow… actually missed a birthday and almost missed another one. How pathetic is that? Well, better go send some cards…