Goal Progress

Yesterday was the 182nd day of the year, so at the halfway point, here is an update on my resolution progress.

  1. Complete unfinished novel series. I finished the Harry Potter series at the first update. The Sword of Truth series is now done. I have most of the Ender’s series books, so I am working on them now. At the halfway point, I should have 6.5 of 13 books done. With 8 done, I am ahead.
  2. Complete the first 25 of the BBC The Big Read Top 100 (from 2003). Pride & Prejudice, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Wind in the Willows, Catch-22, Gone With the Wind are done. Little Women and Corelli’s Mandolin are both in progress. I only have 6 of 13 done. Half a book behind is not bad.
  3. No more complaining about Blackboard, Inc. Still a miserable failure so far. I thought the first hundred days were tough. They really pulled out all stops to give me things about which to complain. Better to just abandon this goal. Though with possibly changing to a new vendor, I get to complain about all new people and software. Yay for me?
  4. Attend more social events when invited. Skipped a few. Still attending more things than skipping.
  5. Go away more. Went a couple of places on a whim. Probably should have defined this one better. So abandoning it.
  6. Goodreads: Read 50 books. At 24 books done, I am just one behind the pace. Eight were over 600 pages, so I should be able to focus on shorter books for a while to get ahead.

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