Birthright Citizenship

Since 2015, the idea of ending birthright citizenship has been on my radar. Those favoring anti-immigration, view the bestowal of citizenship on children of foreign citizens as a problem. In their mind, pregnant women are invading the United States specifically to have children and force the country to keep the parents. (It may delay, but the… Continue reading Birthright Citizenship


Donald Trump references an international gang as the reason to secure the southern United States border. He claims the porous border allows members of this gang to enter the country at will. The refugees trying to enter through the southern border are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. MS-13 dominate these countries. The refugees are… Continue reading MS-13

Sunset Over the Cafe

Sunset Over the Cafe, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. A pretty sunset was a good way to end a good day. I need more endings like this. I’m a little young to retire though. Meh.

Please Do Not Walk on Dunes

PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON DUNES Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This is a dune next to the drive to the eastern beach area of Fort Clinch State Park on the north end of Amelia Island. Florida’s obsession with people staying off the dunes amuses me. The two beaches I usually visit are Jekyll… Continue reading Please Do Not Walk on Dunes

2011 Resolutions

My resolutions for 2010 involved a lot of reading, improving my cooking repertoire, improving my photography repertoire, and having fun in the present. In goal accounting for 2010, 2 were successful and 2 not. Except for the reading goal, the other three were well outside my comfort zone.  I forgot my statement for the resolutions in 2009.… Continue reading 2011 Resolutions

Palazzo By Day

Palazzo By Day, originally uploaded by Ezra F. My second favorite shot of the whole trip. The palm tree placement was intentional. The Sun was reflected off the windows down at me.

A Better Convention Badge

A Better Convention Badge, originally uploaded by Ezra F. After Star Trek:The Experience, I put the ticket stub in the back of the DevCon name badge. Here it is backwards. Ironically, at breakfast just after the picture, I was let into the dining room with it this way. 🙂