Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4


Yesterday was the 100th day of the year, so I figured I would figure out my progress with those pesky resolutions.

  1. Complete unfinished novel series. I finished the Harry Potter series. I am simultaneously working on the Sword of Truth and Ender series. The Shadow Rising was such an awful book I gave up on the whole series. Maybe I will replace it with Foundation? At 4 of 14 done and two in progress, I am at better than 34.2% done. I should be at 27.4%. Ahead of the game is where I like to be.
  2. Complete the first 25 of the BBC The Big Read Top 100 (from 2003). So far I have only finished both Pride & Prejudice and Great Expectations. Jane Eyre slowed me down as a horribly difficult book to care reading. Catch-22 is going pretty well. I figure I am about 18.2% done, so I really need to pick up the pace.
  3. Welcome to Lowndesville
    Welcome to Lowndesville in SC
  4. No more complaining about Blackboard, Inc. Miserable failure so far. Of course, it has been a tough hundred days. Of course there were tough deadlines given with difficult challenges, which I overcame with tremendous local expertise.
  5. Attend more social events when invited. I have. I only skipped one because I did not feel like being social. Probably a new record for me?
  6. Go away more. Last month I took a random driving trip and ended up in South Carolina (where I snagged the Lowndesville photo). I guess because I took no trips like that last year, that makes me already successful. A few more should really make this successful.




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