Trumped Up Cards Winner

My grandmother loved games. She and I and others would play all the time. If she was bored, then her go to way to break the lull was “How about we play a game?” I inherited most of her games.

My dining room has a shelf full of them. They include the inheritance, a few I’ve had all along, and recent games I have played and really enjoyed. A couple are some that looked amazing. Trumped Up Cards is one of the last. It really was fun to play as it reflects the candidate well. AND includes sources.

Anyway, I apparently posted a photo from playing it which was picked as a winner.

I will get a free box for winning. I plan on donating that to a local game store The Rook & Pawn.

Attrition As Strategy

Realized while playing Warcraft that I play it like I play Risk. My usual strategy is to design a protective area where my forces can quickly react to threats. Once that is established, I will amass my forces to strike. My attack strategy is to cut the enemy’s supply line. When the enemy cannot amass their forces while I can it is only a matter of attrition.

In Risk this means grabbing South America to Australia. South America is better because it means that I can grab a foothold on Africa and North America and deny everyone else 3 or 5 armies respectively. Once I have my continent, I build up and leave 10 armies on either side of its connections to the other continents. I guess I refuse to lose my important supply of troops?

In Warcraft, the enemy will harry me, but it is fairly consistent and easily anticipated. Usually I can position a force to ambush it with minimal impact. Then, I build a small force to sneak behind enemy lines and kill the workers mining for gold. As long as I do not encroach the enemy’s soldiers I can kill the workers as I please. Eventually the enemy has no more gold, which means it cannot train more soldiers. That is when I send the main army to crush the enemy.

Thankfully, AI is not more reactive and intelligent. Though I have to find more challenging friends for playing Risk. They know that I am going to take either SouthAm or Aust, but have yet to prevent me from doing it.

Tomorrow night is the trailer for Attack of the Clones. I hope the movie is better than the title.Look for it between Malcom in the Middle and the X-Files on Fox



Maybe we are playing AD&D 2nd ed. today, maybe not. Still, going to be prepared for it.

Going to Tally tomorrow. Will suck it up and buy a Zip 250 drive so I can again use my disks. I was planning on waiting until I get closer to buying a new computer, but that keeps getting pushed back. Why wait when I don’t really know when I will get around to the other?

Playing a lot of Warcraft II at home and some of the Sims. It is a struggle not to become a Sims addict. Only thing saving me, I think is my lack of a decent computer at home, so it is pretty slow. I have been looking at skins, objects, and stuff that is available online. Too much stuff, but I like too much for some reason…

Paranoid about your software spying on you? Before you install (or even after you have), look it up in SpyChecker database. You might also install Ad-Aware. I’ve seen lots of glowing reviews of it.

Great… there will soon be only 2 stores within 20 miles of where I live that actually sell clothes my size. The Duck Head outlet is closing. I only found out about it and another one just after Christmas. At least I got 2 dress shirts for work for dirt cheap.

Think the AutoRecover feature is the best feature of Word. I mean, Windows is so unstable anyway, right. And you never know when you might be working on the most important document ever and the power goes off unexpectedly.It completely surprised me to learn that Excel 2000 does not have AutoRecover while Excel XP does. I guess others felt the same way and asked M$ to add it?

What would I do with a blanket? It felt like 80 degrees outside and it’s frickin’ February! This /dev/blanket blanket has me considering it.What about the U R Getting Sleepy t-shirt?

Have to stop looking at these geek sites… I keep wanting to buy t-shirts, mugs, even now a blanket…

2am Knock

Got woken up at 2am to a knock. “Did you let Winnie in?” How in the hell did she come 3 miles across town… “No!?!” “Oh.” Left my room and asked, “Winnie or Abbey? I did let Abbey in” “I did ask Winnie, didn’t I?”

Had a strange dream last night. I was a police officer who caught a couple kids vandalizing a house. They resisted (mostly passively) and tried convincing me to just let them go. Almost did.

Found a program to play with yesterday: MailWasher. Works well so far. I can define legitimate mail, such as from email lists, which it will not show me for consideration.

Apparently a Green Party official, Nancy Oden, found airport security so much of an affront to basic liberty that she resisted being searched. She feels it is because the FBI flagged her as a terrorist (one articles said she does not even have a record).Politech Archive: Message

How about a Euphemism Generator?

Do you remember the stick characters fighting? The same author has a game where you can participate. Slick!!


Ran into Dee yesterday. Okay, so she looks a lot more sophisticated now than she did back in high school. She instantly recognized me, but couldn’t remember my name. Then again that was… 11 years ago?

Just to be fair, here is my senior picture from the same site.

Is this validation to my Lawful Good alignment? The Ring Wraiths I love to hate. I almost bought a poster with them on it except that I knew that I could not keep it up for long without somehow defiling their image. Don’t know how… maybe give them mustaches with white-out?Also, I’ve never been a big fan of Gandolf. He is too flaky and inconsistent. Probably because he is Chaotic Good.

I know some of you may not be D&D geeks, so the above will be totally over your head

You might be asking what prompted that last post? This poster did.

Looking at making a 20 questions page… Am I weird? For one of those tests…

If you had to pull up sticks and relocate to another place (real or fictional) for the rest of your life, where would it be? Arizona is my first realistic choice. The Seychelles is my ideal choice.

Arizona is a desert… almost no water. The Seychelles are a series an island chains. Can they be anymore opposite? Well… actually, my second realistic choice is actually Seattle which is the opposite of Arizona in the U.S.

At lameoween… pictures at Spiketrap sometime tomorrow hopefully.

D&D Research

So here I am… still here in Valdosta… Could be away for the weekend, but I stayed to help out with some family emergencies that cropped up mid-week.

I feel good cause I got to help. Also feel bad cause I had to cancel plans. Here I am with errands to to run in a computer lab getting stuff to play D&D some time in the future.

Bad boy!

– – – – –

Some of my “names” according to tests…

  • Glam rock: Purple Transmission    (test)
  • Hobbit name: Fredegar Bracegirdle of Hardbottle    (test)
  • Tough name: Russ Stompheader    (random)
  • AD&D name: Silveravo Shinehun    (random)

So many options, right? Yahoo! has a directory on humorous name generators

– – – – –

I was going to put up a number of blogs and sites I’d run across while here, only while ordering the Ghost in the Shell DVD Netscape crashed. All that work… lost.

Oh, well! Could not have been THAT important, right?

– – – – –

Why is it that when you drop mention of working somewhere from your resume that people start looking at it? Just thinkin’….

Okay, that is it for today.


Politicians are like 16 year old boys. Played Risk last night with a four 16 year olds. They made these blatently faux pacts all the while planning how to break the deal. Was actually quite humorous as they perceived me as the threat. Admittedly, I used to play Risk against the computer quite a bit. Even at the highest A.I. level the computer struggled to take me.

True to form, they were intimidated and let me take Australia during the first turn. I just about had Africa when one of them decided to give up South America and Kamakazi me to sufficiently reduce his threat and allow another player to eliminate him get his 4 cards. The irony is the guy that eliminated him already had North America secured. 5 armies for NA… 2 armies for SA… 15 armies in the bag for being forced to turn in cards.

Guess my 9 years advantage and my quick acquisition of Australia made them turn their attention to me. That gambit was only successful because I made good rolls. My luck turned sour. With rarely good rolls nothing can save you.

The irony is the guy that took North America was the one arguing that I was not a real threat. The other 3 spent too much time wheeling and dealing these obviously false pacts: “If you move your armies out of the way and let me take that territory, then I will not attack you here. Also I will attack your enemy to wear him down so you can attack him.” Once the dealer got his territory he would attack the ally.


Hmmmmmmmm… Thinking about getting back into gaming. Will need to talk to my friends and gauge their interest of course. Don’t really know anyone who is currently gaming. Haven’t hardly cracked open my 3rd edition D&D books yet. Maybe I should go work on some of the stuff I was developing, such as those rules for contacts and patrons. I’ve also gotten those urges out of my system by writing.

Got a good amount of my picture archive online yesterday. Only to discover that there is not a ftp program here on which to download the pictures. Too many to simply save 1 at a time… will have to rethink this line of action.

Wonder what Lacey was thinking when she took this?

Okay, now I am impressed… this is a tool that could be extremely useful! Ever use one of the online web storage sites? Well, I-Drive has a feature called a Dropbox where someone can leave you a file. Say you are collaborating with someone on a topic and you want them to leave you a file. They can upload it to your Dropbox rather than sending you an attachment by email.


  • web-based form upload (not too easy to spam)
  • simple interface
  • Login required


  • only 50mb space (unless spam friends to join)
  • visitors have to enter name of account to access files… could be confusing