Ran into Dee yesterday. Okay, so she looks a lot more sophisticated now than she did back in high school. She instantly recognized me, but couldn’t remember my name. Then again that was… 11 years ago? Just to be fair, here is my senior picture from the same site. Is this validation to my Lawful Good alignment?… Continue reading Nostalgia


My new favorite site: – – – – – I miss D&D… *sigh* – – – – – Interesting site called Stor:Troopers… one can make an avatar of oneself… like so…


Politicians are like 16 year old boys. Played Risk last night with a four 16 year olds. They made these blatently faux pacts all the while planning how to break the deal. Was actually quite humorous as they perceived me as the threat. Admittedly, I used to play Risk against the computer quite a bit.… Continue reading Risk


Hmmmmmmmm… Thinking about getting back into gaming. Will need to talk to my friends and gauge their interest of course. Don’t really know anyone who is currently gaming. Haven’t hardly cracked open my 3rd edition D&D books yet. Maybe I should go work on some of the stuff I was developing, such as those rules… Continue reading Gaming