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Attrition As Strategy

Realized while playing Warcraft that I play it like I play Risk. My usual strategy is to design a protective area where my forces can quickly react to threats. Once that is established, I will amass my forces to strike. My attack strategy is to cut the enemy’s supply line. When the enemy cannot amass their forces while I can it is only a matter of attrition.

In Risk this means grabbing South America to Australia. South America is better because it means that I can grab a foothold on Africa and North America and deny everyone else 3 or 5 armies respectively. Once I have my continent, I build up and leave 10 armies on either side of its connections to the other continents. I guess I refuse to lose my important supply of troops?

In Warcraft, the enemy will harry me, but it is fairly consistent and easily anticipated. Usually I can position a force to ambush it with minimal impact. Then, I build a small force to sneak behind enemy lines and kill the workers mining for gold. As long as I do not encroach the enemy’s soldiers I can kill the workers as I please. Eventually the enemy has no more gold, which means it cannot train more soldiers. That is when I send the main army to crush the enemy.

Thankfully, AI is not more reactive and intelligent. Though I have to find more challenging friends for playing Risk. They know that I am going to take either SouthAm or Aust, but have yet to prevent me from doing it.

Tomorrow night is the trailer for Attack of the Clones. I hope the movie is better than the title.Look for it between Malcom in the Middle and the X-Files on Fox





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