2am Knock

Got woken up at 2am to a knock. “Did you let Winnie in?” How in the hell did she come 3 miles across town… “No!?!” “Oh.” Left my room and asked, “Winnie or Abbey? I did let Abbey in” “I did ask Winnie, didn’t I?”

Had a strange dream last night. I was a police officer who caught a couple kids vandalizing a house. They resisted (mostly passively) and tried convincing me to just let them go. Almost did.

Found a program to play with yesterday: MailWasher. Works well so far. I can define legitimate mail, such as from email lists, which it will not show me for consideration.

Apparently a Green Party official, Nancy Oden, found airport security so much of an affront to basic liberty that she resisted being searched. She feels it is because the FBI flagged her as a terrorist (one articles said she does not even have a record).Politech Archive: Message

How about a Euphemism Generator?

Do you remember the stick characters fighting? The same author has a game where you can participate. Slick!!



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