Dream: Airbender gone wrong

This was one of those being chased dreams. Everyone has superpowers. Mine? If I move too fast in a single direction a glowing, writhing ball of explosives developed in front of me. My superpower was pulling the hydrocarbons out of the air to make an aerosol TNT. But only in front of me. If I timed it just right, then it would develop enough into an explosive and fall to the ground when I changed direction and explode in the face of whatever it was that was chasing me.

Dream: Corporate VP of Junk

I dreamt I was called into a meeting without knowing why I was there. (That is typical.) The meeting was about a company VP being in the hospital with a heart attack so they were going to make me the acting. Which was confusing because I have no idea who that guy was, what was his portfolio, or even how things are done there.

I leave the meeting and learn he sells junk on eBay and Amazon. Literal junk. The company’s other areas hand over broken or unusable objects. We list and sell them and write off the loss.

Dream of a UGA Loss

In part I, I attended a Christmas party where others kept moving to different rooms of the house. They would move and only later would I notice I was alone.

In part II, walking home, there were cars everywhere. Some were even parked on top of houses. There was a crowd noise up ahead. It turned out to be a stadium where the SEC Championship game just ended. The UGA team had already left in defeat. The Volunteers continued to celebrate on the field by stomping on the logo in the center of the field. I thought it ought to be the LSU team and the helmets changed accordingly. Various UGA fans I knew were on the side of a hill (replacing the stands) in tears and would not talk to me.

In part III, my smartphone would not pull up the Market app. The goal was an app who looking at a camera image would place names above the heads of friends at the game. Specifically I wanted to find Shannon because I knew she would want to gloat about how badly UGA played.


Better today. Really didn’t expect things to improve until next week.

One good thing about this place. The scenery is very nice. Gotta start taking smoke breaks. Yes, I know I don’t smoke. Just gives me a chance to step outside and get my bearings.

{UPDATE} I should be more clear:

scenery  ==  pretty females in very skimpy clothing

Want to take back your eProps?



Kewl dream…

Was working on something and phone rings. So I start to take care of it. A couple people come into my office and sit down. A few more people are waiting just outside the door. I finished the phone call and said, “Next.” Took care of one of the people waiting on me. Just after she left, one of the people in the hall comes in and takes her seat. She says to the guy whom I am now helping, “You know, A [0] used to be really good, but he has let it go down the tubes.” I turned to her and barked, “I don’t administrate that system. I help when I-”

The alarm blasts in my ear.

Ugh. Think I need to try to take tomorrow off. Work and dreams never mix.

[0] Name of a system we use withheld to protect the innocent and/or guilty.


2am Knock

Got woken up at 2am to a knock. “Did you let Winnie in?” How in the hell did she come 3 miles across town… “No!?!” “Oh.” Left my room and asked, “Winnie or Abbey? I did let Abbey in” “I did ask Winnie, didn’t I?”

Had a strange dream last night. I was a police officer who caught a couple kids vandalizing a house. They resisted (mostly passively) and tried convincing me to just let them go. Almost did.

Found a program to play with yesterday: MailWasher. Works well so far. I can define legitimate mail, such as from email lists, which it will not show me for consideration.

Apparently a Green Party official, Nancy Oden, found airport security so much of an affront to basic liberty that she resisted being searched. She feels it is because the FBI flagged her as a terrorist (one articles said she does not even have a record).Politech Archive: Message

How about a Euphemism Generator?

Do you remember the stick characters fighting? The same author has a game where you can participate. Slick!!