My answer to the emails whose subject line is “How Smart Are You?”:   Smart enough to know not to open this email <delete> Admittedly, I am becoming very lame. Feel like I should be honing my shooting skills instead of doing this mundane thing called work. Must… resist… buying… $500 in games!


LAN party last night. Only 5 of us. Still lots of fun. After the other team used the RPG, I selected it as my primary weapon and found that the other teams tactic of hiding behind corners is ineffective when the RPG explodes a couple feet past the corner. Many of my shots were from very… Continue reading PakiCon

Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan

Tech: Nice… PS2 is $200. The Xbox is $200. The Gamecube should drop to $150. Might be able to afford jumping up to the next systems. I only have an N64 and Playstation. Yahoo! News – Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan