My answer to the emails whose subject line is “How Smart Are You?”:   Smart enough to know not to open this email <delete> Admittedly, I am becoming very lame. Feel like I should be honing my shooting skills instead of doing this mundane thing called work. Must… resist… buying… $500 in games!


LAN party last night. Only 5 of us. Still lots of fun. After the other team used the RPG, I selected it as my primary weapon and found that the other teams tactic of hiding behind corners is ineffective when the RPG explodes a couple feet past the corner. Many of my shots were from very… Continue reading PakiCon

Video Games Hurt Your Brain

Mmmmmmmmmmmm… playing video games is what screwed me up. News: Report: Video Games Hurt Your Brain That last post has some problems in methodology, I think. First Person Shooters (FPSs), where people have to react as quickly as possible could elicit the problem of reduced emotional and creative abilities. To me those games are the… Continue reading Video Games Hurt Your Brain

Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan

Tech: Nice… PS2 is $200. The Xbox is $200. The Gamecube should drop to $150. Might be able to afford jumping up to the next systems. I only have an N64 and Playstation. Yahoo! News – Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan