Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Category: Humor / Weird

  • Counting in counties

    The frequency of both words being used in the same sentence the past couple days has me wondering about the relatedness. So, I looked up the etymology of both. count (verb) late 14c., “to enumerate, assign numerals to successively and in order; repeat the numerals in order,” also “to reckon among, include,” from Old French conter “to…

  • Seasons

    In the southern US, one can tell it is winter based on people wearing sweaters or scarves outside office buildings. It is summer based on people wearing sweaters or scarves inside office buildings.

  • Lost Numbers

    Interesting case where four of the numbers on Lost (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42) came up in a big prize. What is more interesting to me is that maybe over 9,000 played them. (I say maybe because people only seem to be referencing the number of $150 winners by LOST creator’s Twitter.) Let’s…

  • Sabra

    Unusual names intrigue me. Whenever I encounter a name I don’t know, I find myself curious about the origin. Probably this comes somewhat from researching my own names which both my first and last (see the last post Legacy of a Name). Both were for obscure authors and painters people almost never know. Which lets…

  • Propaganda

    Wow… I have been ignoring a lot of propaganda lately. Work will often send email to all the employees. A filter sends those to my propaganda folder. I only have 5 for the first three days of September and 11 for the first three days of October. Not a promising start. Of course, it is…

  • Annoyed

    An author who did a session at a conference some time ago asked me to take down 3 photos of him. I did. I just don’t like that I did. I thought about making them Friends & Family so he could not see it. I thought about replacing them with “Removed at the request of…

  • The Water Must Be Fantastic in Denver

    This guy claims to have a video of an alien looking through a window. If NASA does find life on Mars, then would anyone believe it?

  • Boredom Correlates to Mistakes

    We never get to stay bored at work for very long. Every day has an emergency from something caused by a user of the institutions we host, the admins at the institution, or even people who work for our project. Wait…. Maybe it is the boredom which is the cause of the mistakes which keeps…

  • Happy Earth Day

    The Earth is an amazing place.