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Category: Food

  • Wellness Allergy

    Work has a wellness program. One component involves a website that purports to educate users about healthy eating. The funny thing to me is that I was not going to participate at all until I found out that had potentially an allergy issue. So, I thought, why not try it? Maybe it can provide some…

  • Resolutions For 2009

    Read 10,000 pages of science, economics, health, history, or policy books. For 2008, it was read 25 books. This year, I thought to change it page-based as the previous one shied me away from larger books. Two 350 page books vs one 700 page book shouldn’t be a concern. See Reading for last and this years’…

  • Your Themed Restaurant Idea

    shelchan told me about a restaurant called Bed where the customers sit on beds as they eat. Okkkkaaaaay…. What is your idea for a themed restaurant? I suggested Dirt: The dishes are made from worms, mealy bugs, and other creatures from the dirt.

  • Risks of Being Employed

    Certainly, had my chosen profession to work in a french fry factory, I don’t think of all the safety concerns I might need to be cognizant, locating grenades or shell tips would not be one I anticipated.

  • Sushi Means Rice?

    This came up a while ago. Now I need a food category…. SushiFAQ.com – The Sushi FAQ – Sushi Information Technically, the word `sushi’ refers to the rice, but colloquially, the term is used to describe a finger-size piece of raw fish or shellfish on a bed of vinegared rice. This can be eaten as…

  • Hildegard’s

    I like Hildegard’s here in Valdosta. I just do not seem to get there often.

  • Improperly Placed Insects

    My mother found a bug in her salad while at a restaurant a couple weeks ago. The manager was horrified, gave us a free desert, and apologized profusely. Mom was not disgusted because this is the first bug she has found in perhaps 200-250 salads she has had from this place. Maybe more…. We go…

  • Med Night Cuilinary Guild

    Looking at Mediterranean dessert recipes for Med Night Cuilinary Guild. Some ideas: Date with bananas Baklava Baked apples with honey syrup (actually my mom made this once when I was a kid… I loved it) Will probably do the baked apples. Much easier than Baklava. The last thing I cooked was (and pizzas do not count)……


    Atlanta Bread Company was good. Now… just need to have a nap before going back to work, right?