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  • Government shutdowns and cybersecurity

    Watching the United States government hash out a budget and looming shutdown, I worry about the blackhat hackers exploiting it. Not enough of those protecting us from these threats are essential workers. Agencies I depend upon, like CISA, furlough 80% of their workforce, leaving whitehats in the dark about what they’ve detected. Their research feeds…

  • Power of anticipation

    As a teenager, my father worked for the City of Valdosta in building permits. People would ask me, hoping I had overheard him, about the businesses they hoped would soon come there. One restaurant in particular stood out as the crowd favorite. Which isn’t surprising because going to the one in Tallahassee, I invariably saw…

  • Resolution progress 2022 : Q2

    Read 12 30 50 books. I have finished 23, which is well above the 50% pace at 76.7%. Updating the goal to include 20 more books, so now 50. Will count audiobooks. Not counting kids books. Add 12 read to the kid at least 20 times. 3 of these. Only at 25% pace, need to…

  • Resolutions 2022

    Read 12 books. Not counting kids books. Will count audiobooks. Add 12 read to the kid at least 20 times. Lose 25 pounds. Need to regain some muscle too.

  • Thoroughness

    There was a routine SSL certificate renewal. Vendor sends us a CSR. We send the certificate. They applied the certificate. Naturally, wanting to make sure the issue was resolved, I tried to go to the website and check the certificate was in fact updated. I clicked on the link to the website and got nothing.…

  • A solution to US government shutdowns

    How about if the US government shuts down for lack of a budget, then for that month, no one gets any tax breaks. Also, there are no subsidies. That means mortgage holders lose that month. Corporations actually have to pay their taxes. Farmers and oil drillers don’t get their subsidies. That would shift a lot…

  • Old enough to drink

    My first blog post from 21 years ago.

  • Feature request: Netflix notes

    Netflix needs a feature where one can  add a note about why you disliked the show or movie. Seeing it was started could mean it was saved to watch with the spouse or it sucked.

  • Insecure logins

    I worked a ticket years ago where a student claimed not to have taken an exam. The faculty member asked the school who asked us as the hosting provider for the online class system to check on it. What I was able to see in the logs were sessions with two different IP addresses. One…