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  • BP Live Video Feed

    This could continue until August when the relief wells are completed. 🙁

  • TED Talk: Photos that changed the world

    Images can be powerful. It is one of the many reasons why I enjoy both looking at photography and taking my own photos. Looking through Getty Images news photos hadn’t occurred to me. Then again, I am not an editorial editor. My sources are more things like Flickr or the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

  • News Comments

    Reading the comments on stories for the Athens Banner Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution, or even the Chronicle of Higher Education very much disappoints me. For some reason I hope for suggested solution and messages of encouragement. Guess I ought to stop reading the comments sections. 🙁

  • On Loving Our Enemies

    In honor of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., it seems we need his wisdom more than ever. A friend posted part of this on Facebook, so I found this expanded version. Why should we love our enemies? The first reason is fairly obvious. Returning hate for hate multiples hate, adding deeper darkness to a…

  • Watch Out For Sinkholes in Georgia

    Back in 1994 a neighbor city, Albany, GA, experienced massive flooding. For a couple months after the waters receded, sinkholes opened up under houses and cars driving along roads in the formerly flooded areas. Waters filled underground caverns making them only stable with the water still in them. Without aboveground wanter coming down, these caverns…

  • DNA For Everyone

    So, 60 Minutes has broadcast a report on the tracing of DNA. Leslie made a statement, “The are just two bits of DNA which remain pure. The Y chromosome which passes directly from father to son. And something called mitochondrial DNA which passes unchanged from mother to child.” Logically speaking, if the mDNA really passes…

  • My New Home?

    OnlineAthens.com | News | Taliaferro’s night life a draw for stargazers 09/17/07: “We like our darkness,” said Chris Hetlage, the developer of an unusual village taking shape on a hilltop about 40 miles southeast of Athens. “That’s really why we’re here.” Georgia’s least populous county leads the region in a tourist commodity that is as…

  • A Class of Cornell University Students Take Google as Gospel

    PC World – Students Take Google as Gospel: The experiment involved 22 undergraduate students (with various majors) from Cornell University in the U.S. It found that overall, the students had an inherent trust in Google’s ability to rank results by their true relevance to the query. The news media has an inherent trust in studies…

  • Misleading CNN Information

    Yesterday, CNN’s Erica Hill was following a story about 2 pit bulls who got loose and killed a woman in while she slept. My first complaint is citing statistics without saying from where they originated. Only because the of rebuttal guest pointing out the study was based on media reporting incidents rather than police reporting…