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Improperly Placed Insects

My mother found a bug in her salad while at a restaurant a couple weeks ago. The manager was horrified, gave us a free desert, and apologized profusely. Mom was not disgusted because this is the first bug she has found in perhaps 200-250 salads she has had from this place. Maybe more…. We go once a week to this place and have done so for maybe 5-6 years. There are some weeks we do not go, but it has to be 40-50 times a year that we go there. That was the first bug.

Mom buys heads of lettuce from a grocery store every week to make salads to eat at home. She reported to the manager that she can understand because she has occasionally found bugs in the heads she buys way down in the center.

Last night, she called me to tell me that she found a inch long moth while chopping up the lettuce for her salad. Apparently she decapitated it in cutting up the lettuce.








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