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Writing a Blog Post About This Scam I noticed a little black and white sign: “Single? athensdating.org” a while ago. A couple weeks ago it came up in conversation. Today I saw it again. So I visited the site.

First impression: A local site should have images to represent something about the locality. Generic stock photography doesn’t cut it for me. The signup for wanted my home and cell phone numbers.

That sounded phishy to me.

Domaintools.com is a great site for looking up who runs a site. If the owner has selected privacy options with their registrar, then that would be a snag. Fortunately for us, the owner of athensdating.org isn’t hiding.

Owner: NuStar Solutions

The note “Email address is associated with about 4,690 domains” caught my eye. So I looked up NuStar and found this article about these popping up everywhere. (At least DomainTools gave me the info in one shot without having to do the same extensive research.) Lots of stuff online about these signs, who is placing them, and whether or not this is a scam.

I’m just going to assume it is a scam.

Picture info: Writing a Blog Post About This Scam on Flickr from sneezypb


4 responses to “Athensdating.org”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    I was so disappointed, too, because I thought there might actually be a useful dating site specific to this town. There are a few people scattered across various free sites from Athens, but if there was a site dedicated to Athens, it might actually collect enough people from around here to be effective/useful.

  2. Mike Avatar

    These signs are always illegal, and the company advertised runs a scam. Please remove any such signs you see and help us combat this trash. I pick up hundreds in my area.

  3. Ez Avatar

    @Daniel Why not just use Facebook? 🙂

    @Mike Are the signs illegal? I’d love to see an federal law, state law, or local ordinance demonstrating so. I’ve seen where removed signs show up a few days later. If they truly are illegal, then maybe we can get the local police to arrest the individuals involved.

  4. ron Avatar

    The sign itself is not illegal.Putting any sign in a road right of way however is.

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