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  • TED Talk: Taryn Simon

    My favorite quote from Taryn is, “Photography threatens fantasy.” Disney uses intricate interior design, photography, and video to construct fantasy. Advertisements, magazines, weddings, and portraits are about showing others the ideal instead of the reality. Have you seen the Dove Evolution video? (This one has music and singing by a Baha’i musician Devon Gundry.) What about […]

  • Athensdating.org

    I noticed a little black and white sign: “Single? athensdating.org” a while ago. A couple weeks ago it came up in conversation. Today I saw it again. So I visited the site. First impression: A local site should have images to represent something about the locality. Generic stock photography doesn’t cut it for me. The […]

  • Gravatars in Blue Zinfindel Theme

    For a while I have meant to do this. Here I am with insomnia, so here goes… I have implemented Gravatars for the this Blue Zinfindel theme. Here is coding I used to implement it to this theme’s comments.php (WP Design > Theme Editor > Comments). Normal text is for context. Bold is what I […]

  • Gravatars

    Probably I missed or didn’t understand the announcement. For the past month or so, I’ve noticed all these comments with the poster’s picture next to it on various blogs. I knew them to be WordPress blogs. I noticed my own WP had some default icon in the admin user interface. Today I finally put it […]

  • From Dead and Buried to Reaching the Stars

    What is the American fascination with Tutankhamun? Personally, I favor Ramses II. Actually, Ramses II was one of my first obsessions. I knew everything there was to know about him at seven years old. Decades later, I’ve forgotten most of what I knew. We share the phoneme “Ra”. Ra was an Egyptian sun god probably […]

  • New Theme

    Using a new theme. I’m too lazy to make of my own. 🙂 Blue Zinfandel is a 2 or 3-column Widget-ready theme, made especially for online newspapers or magazines. Blue Zinfandel WordPress Theme

  • Here Comes Another Bubble

    Satires are an appropriate use of web2.0. What is the theme of web3.0? tag: bubble, web 2.0, blogging, millionaires, Facebook, crash, venture capital, blue shirts UPDATE: Boo! Video has been pulled. New version to appease the photographer.

  • Your Themed Restaurant Idea

    shelchan told me about a restaurant called Bed where the customers sit on beds as they eat. Okkkkaaaaay…. What is your idea for a themed restaurant? I suggested Dirt: The dishes are made from worms, mealy bugs, and other creatures from the dirt.

  • Cheesy Gift of the Year

    What is the cheesiest gift someone could possibly give you this year for Christmas? I’ve been reading quite a bit about what people want for Christmas. I’m curious about those gifts you would hate to get but others would think you would like. Guess I’ll start. People surely know I shop on ThinkGeek. They might […]

  • Dinosaurs vs. Fraggles

    Amazon.com: Dinosaurs – The Complete First and Second Seasons Created before the days of computer animation, Dinosaurs is an early 1990s television comedy series featuring impressive anthropomorphic, animatronic creatures created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. The story lines challenge some of society’s most basic assumptions and explore some of the most universally troublesome aspects of […]