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  • Dream Deadline

    So last night I dreamed I failed to meet a deadline. A couple police officers showed up in my cube, handcuffed me, and perp walked me out of the building with a bunch of people in the office staring.

  • Overheard: A New Coworker?

    Someone brought a baby. There are lots of strange noises from women making baby speak. The only thing I understood from all of that was, “Do we have a new employee?” Get ’em started young, I guess. Teach ’em to be good employees before they learn to talk back.

  • IT Skillz

    12 IT skills that employers can’t say no to: [T]he market for IT talent is hot, but only if you have the right skills. If you want to be part of the wave, take a look at what eight experts — including recruiters, curriculum developers, computer science professors and other industry observers — say are…

  • Independent Verification of the Truth

    Some of my latest work has been in chasing cheaters or “Vista ate my homework” claims. Some background: I work for a project that hosts online classes for 32 of the 35 universities in our system. We have about 125,000 users who have performed at least 100 actions this term. We have had about 50…

  • Overheard In The Office

    DBA: Some of you use stage in all lower case, some in all upper case, and some in mixed case. You have to all use one naming convention. The way you have written this, its not going to work. Programmer: That is why I am here. I need you to fix their stuff so it…

  • Protected: Now a Home

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Something Your Boss Does Want To Hear

    Quote for the day: I spent all day working on a bad EAR. Oh, WebLogic and your deplorable… I mean, deployable… applications!

  • Hairy

    Hairy Originally uploaded by sneezypb. Definitely time for a haircut. About a week ago I decided I needed one. However, its been quite hectic. As most of you know, I work for the University System of Georgia’s Office of Instructional and Information Technology, specifically a project to provide system wide (35 schools) online classes. We…

  • Paging a DBA…

    Sitting in Cubeville, all morning long pagers have been going off. Several different kinds of sounds and volumes clues that each is a different person being paged. All of our pagers going off at once? THAT would be scary.