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  • Turn the Tables

    CrossRoads Newsletter and Career Development Center: With corporate recruiters and executive search firms now using blogs as a prescreening tool for candidates, Whitcomb advises people to create online journals to demonstrate their skills, share their expertise, and lend potential employers insight into their personality. “You can write about projects you are working on, industry events, […]

  • Yeah for Fall

    It’s 67 F in my apartment this morning. It feels so very good. Over the past week I’ve noticed temperatures have dropped. My apartment retains heat pretty well. Its 42 outside. I went to visit Cat in Lawrenceville. She asked me to help her with her computers. I knew both were old and one is […]

  • Homer a Pseudonym for a Woman?

    I have always considered the Illiad or the Odyssey to be among the best of love stories. True, there is lots of violence. True, the characters are mostly men. Love is the motivation and driving force behind the heros and why each is able to overcome and win. If they were written by women, then […]

  • Always Check Out Your Backside Before Hitting the Carraba’s

    I’m working from home (yes, 11PM on a Friday night – that’s why I get paid the big bucks). So, I often put on comfortable clothes for working. While jean shorts are pretty comfortable, the sweat shorts are so much better for spending all night typing at the command line and checking things in a […]

  • Freebie

    I got my oil changed today. One of the guys there sits down and says that he’ll put the more expensive oil I selected in my car while charging me for the cheaper stuff (about 60%) cheaper. The catch is he wanted me to give him a half the difference in cash under the table […]

  • Dragons

    This series is my LOTR (the books I have read over and over). From 7th grade through 11th grade I read them at least once a year, usually twice. I replaced my first copy with another as the covers were nearly destroyed. So, now I know how the fanatics feel (not true, . I so […]

  • Origins of Brazilian Soccer Scorer Names

    The link is for the article at Slate. A good teaser paragraph. How Brazilian soccer players get their names. By Nick Schulz: Brazil’s affinity for nicknames might stem from the country’s historically high illiteracy rate. As such, shortened spoken names are typically used more often than longer birth names. In Brazilian society, the use of […]

  • Seven Hours a Day?

    Woman 1: You are on work 7 / 24 / 365 Woman 2: Yeah!

  • Mommy, Can I Have One?

    This will make paintball fun again. 😀 Guardian Unlimited | Science | Now you see it, now you don’t: cloaking device is not just sci-fi It’s been the curse of the USS Enterprise and the Klingons’ favoured weapon. But back on Earth, mathematicians claim to have worked out how to make a cloaking device to […]

  • 31 ways for you to use your blog

    This is just a personal exercise to track what I have done and might ought to try. Done To-Do No way Welcome to MY world: 31 ways for you to use your blog Not sure what to blog about? You can blog about anything that interests you. Here are some ideas to get you started: […]