There’s An App For That

Woman 1: The first step is admitting you have a problem. Woman 2: Then we send you off to rehab. Woman 3: iPhone Rehab!

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Quick Enough?

Overheard in cube land… Analyst: Quick question which I think will have a quick answer. DBA: Okay. Analyst: Can we– DBA: No! Is that quick enough? It was humor. Both laughed.

Overheard: A New Coworker?

Someone brought a baby. There are lots of strange noises from women making baby speak. The only thing I understood from all of that was, “Do we have a new employee?” Get ’em started young, I guess. Teach ’em to be good employees before they learn to talk back.

Yo Mama!

overheard in athens: Guy 1: Man, the grass on north campus is really tall. Guy 2: Your mother hasn’t been out to graze in a whle. I so miss 6th grade!

Mass Emails

I find some of the emails that circulate around here funny. Here is an example. A hubcap off someone’s vehicle was found in our parking lot.  Claim at front desk.

Super Secure

Man: Make the password you send them: i-d-1-0-t Woman: Huh? Man: Write it down! Woman: Ohhh…. Both laugh.