Yo Mama!

overheard in athens: Guy 1: Man, the grass on north campus is really tall. Guy 2: Your mother hasn’t been out to graze in a whle. I so miss 6th grade!

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I suspect that I probably was quite the brat at age 7 to have gotten as many Empire Strikes Back toys as I did. When did I outgrow buying all the toys for every movie? I still catch all the movies despite apprehension for a few. Yet I stay out of the toy stores. ๐Ÿ™

Taking Screenshots of web pages without Spending $40

Screen Grab will be very useful. It is easy enough to take screenshots, past them into GIMP and save them as PNG. Why do that when you can have something do it for you in one step? Take Screen Capture of Webpages in Firefox ร‚ยป Digital Inspiration: Software Reviews, Technology News, Downloads, Productivity Tips As… Continue reading Taking Screenshots of web pages without Spending $40

Do Not Tease the Idiots

Country: United States City: Columbus, GA Citation: Sec. 14-34. Idiots, etc.; teasing, harassing. It shall be unlawful and disorderly conduct for any person to tease or harass, either by words, signs or acts, on the streets or public places in the city any simple minded, idiotic, or crazy person, or any cripple, or other unfortunate… Continue reading Do Not Tease the Idiots

Web Design Job

UPDATE: Position filled. Valdosta State Information Technology is hiring 2 Web Design student assistants. Web Design student assistants are responsible for creating and maintaining several department web sites, surveys, and other projects. Individuals will be responsible for interacting with representatives to build web pages and perform basic graphic design to complete websites from existing web… Continue reading Web Design Job


This video of a group called Redefined doing a capella Nintendo game themes is provided a great cap to my otherwise blah day. The classics: Super Mario, MK, and Zelda. Video MPEG 48 MB Was Mortal Kombat a Nintendo game? I only remember the first one on Sega?