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  • Guess

    Do you recognize the object in this photo? Guess taken by Ezra S F

  • What Makes You Happy?

    Apparently singing to females makes male birds happy by triggering certain parts of their brains. Video games, chocolate, and some drugs like cocaine are associated with similarly creating happiness. How are you stimulating your VTA?

  • ST:XP Shutting Down

    Star Trek: The Experience is shutting down September First? Geeks don’t make the annual pilgrimage to pray at the alter of the captain’s chair. Maybe Vegas is too expensive. Between dropping hundreds monthly on movie tickets, DVDs, comics, and video games, spending three months rent to see ST:XP doesn’t have the right magic.

  • Guess Movies By Keyword Game

    Saw this at chatnoir782 and thought I would give it a shot…. Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite movies. Post three official IMDB “Plot Keywords” for these 10 picks. Have your friends guess the movie titles. Here is the keyword list: Little People, Self Discovery, Sword And Sorcery – Willow xochitl…

  • D&D for Dummies

    Maybe kids these days are not that bright. D&D for Dummies says it all. (I thought it was an April Fols type prank.) I suspect some marketing researcher found lots of people felt intimidated? Even worse than being less intelligent. Its… a… game… Have fun! Who cares if its “right”? Between high school and college,…

  • I Beat My Grandmother

    And mother at Rummikub. Of course, Mom beat me 3:2. 🙁 I am used to winning 4:1 except against William (2:5). tag: games, Rummikub, family

  • Public Performance and Universities

    Since restaurants get sued for not paying royalties for public performances of copyrighted music, it seems likely playing a song at an athletic event is a public performance. I wonder how much the UGA Athletics or just UGA pays ASCAP for the ability to do this? Certainly, its not academic use. 🙂 Youuuuuuu – Red…

  • RE 2007: Top Ten Disruptive Trends

    Rock Eagle 2007 Keynote – David Cearley, Gartner Way too many unfamiliar acronyms an terminology. It moved really fast without spending much time to explain anything. Disruptive trends selected by timing, speed, and likelihood. Multricore to fabric – Core on processors will double every two years through 2015. Applications will have to adapt to multi-cores.…

  • Obscurity Obsolescence

    Along the same lines as Lacey’s Travel and Usability post, libraries are not really designed to be very usable. Well… unless you think like a librarian. Who gets a MLIS degree in order to use a library. Okay… I would… bad example. The below article’s Digital Natives are kids who have played video games all…