Family Stories

The adult table was the place to be growing up. I knew a story was particularly good when an adult looked at me, looked at my Mom, and my Mom asked me to leave the room AND close the door. I became pretty good at silently listening at that or another door (or the window when I got taller).

Photos are nice, but they are frozen moment in time. The moments leading to the photo, the significance, and how things changed are all not captured. The story does.

My grandmother wrote down her stories at one point, I think around 2003. With my digital point-and-click camera acquired in 2005 being able to take video, I thought about recording her telling them, but she commented on the camera any time I had it out. Then I noticed she stopped commenting about the camera, so when I had her to myself for a week in 2008, I recorded many stories and otherwise just getting her to talk. Occasionally since, when she was in a talkative mood and my camera was available, I would get more.

Maybe my sibling and cousins will find them interesting.

I definitely need to do the same with my parents.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

So far it has been a good day. My grandmother the whole family has rallied around appears to be improving. The rest of the family are doing well. Friends are scattered to the four winds to visit with family.

I am content. It as been a good year.

Name Starts E

I’ve been a little lax about getting online to update this. Part computer screwup/ part being too busy. Thankfully, all that is over and now I can get back to posting.

My family was in town for my gandmother’s 80th birthday. Got to see almost all of my cousins and engage in great conversation over drinks at a bar while our parents slept. Some suprising behavior from some, but we had fun. Was a time to cut loose and enjoy the craziness we have been known to exhibit. After all, we dug the hole in my grandma’s backyard that cracked the water main. That was a while ago. It has been a while since I last saw most some of them.

A few were missing in action. They will not get to be in the family picture, but some of my cousins were not even born for the last family picture.

Reached some interesting insights… Of all my cousins, only those whose name starts with an E have graduated from college so far. There are 3 of us. Of all my grandmother’s children, only her sons have children which have produced grandchildren for her. What’s up with that?

Will have to develop pictures (don’t have a digital camera yet which I will get after I get a computer for home). My Olympus is good enough for now. Will have to hookup the scanner too. That has been down since I went to W2K even though Joe got me an adapter. Will correct it soon.