Name Starts E

I’ve been a little lax about getting online to update this. Part computer screwup/ part being too busy. Thankfully, all that is over and now I can get back to posting.

My family was in town for my gandmother’s 80th birthday. Got to see almost all of my cousins and engage in great conversation over drinks at a bar while our parents slept. Some suprising behavior from some, but we had fun. Was a time to cut loose and enjoy the craziness we have been known to exhibit. After all, we dug the hole in my grandma’s backyard that cracked the water main. That was a while ago. It has been a while since I last saw most some of them.

A few were missing in action. They will not get to be in the family picture, but some of my cousins were not even born for the last family picture.

Reached some interesting insights… Of all my cousins, only those whose name starts with an E have graduated from college so far. There are 3 of us. Of all my grandmother’s children, only her sons have children which have produced grandchildren for her. What’s up with that?

Will have to develop pictures (don’t have a digital camera yet which I will get after I get a computer for home). My Olympus is good enough for now. Will have to hookup the scanner too. That has been down since I went to W2K even though Joe got me an adapter. Will correct it soon.







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