Email Cheats

I was hoping this article might help me. However, I already use some of these. Maybe I just need to refine and use them a bit more?

Inbox Zero: Five sneaky email cheats | 43 Folders

  • The template
  • The link
  • The question
  • The “I don’t know”
  • The delete key
    (Ones I use in bold)

The template has been part of my arsenal for years now. The Outlook signature tool makes this useful without springing for plug-ins or dealing with MS forms. Since I do web design, I have made tons of FAQ web pages. Instead of re-typing that information, I pop into the message my tempate response which links to the appropriate FAQ entry. Responding to simple inquiries takes one minute not ten.

Deleting things is hard. However, I do delete pretty frequently.

I don’t like to say “I don’t know” too much. It would be a lot easier
to just say, “I don’t know”. I could do the “Do you still need this?”

Another cheat I use is filtering. Perhaps too much so. I encourage customers who call or email me to use the appropriate online form. Results of those forms go to one of the folders under “to-do”. Bolded folder names with a number beside them warn me how many notices of certain types are waiting on me. Much easier than going through my Inbox for which are important and which can be ignored.


Technologies are not well thought out.

Podcasters host MP3s on a web site. So any time a listener grabs it, they download it from the web site. In the case of someone with a limited bandwidth hosting plan, it is very possible for the bandwidth to be exceeded. Events like a major software provider (iTunes) and service provider (iTunes Music Store) suddenly listing the podcast could result in the creators exceeding their bandwidth. There is no facility for distributing the podcasts so that any one locationo bears the brunt of the downloading.


Apparently no one anticipated the possibility of hundred of thousands or even millions of computers grabbing the RSS feeds associated with blogs.

No one predetermined someone would actually want to send an email under a forged or even non-existant identity.

Happy Mother’s Day

Kids are often deemed to be an intense responsibility which lasts for decades.

Children also provide wonderful opportunities for entertainment. From the cute things they learn as infants to the idiot things they do as teenagers, children make life more interesting for parents. I am just glad my mom suffered through all of that with me.

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Another One Bites the Dust

<sarcasm>I agree that I only wanted to be a bike messenger because of my idol, Puck, on The Real World.</sarcasm> In this article, How The Internet Has Changed The Bike Messenger Business, it indicates that bike messengers are getting killed by the ubiquitousness of email. Perhaps another step forward should be taken. Technology has made it way too easy to send files to others. This allows people to infect their computers, easily send confidential documents to the wrong recipients, and other acts of poor impulse control.

Personal Security

I am not sure many of us take our personal security strongly enough. Nick Bradbury recently mentioned he had lied about being out of town in a previous entry. I say kudos!!

There are too many cases where I see people put in their blogs when they will be out of town. In most of those cases they feel that probably only their friends read the blog. However, how do you know exactly who is reading your blog? You do not.

Several years ago, I read about how criminals in the UK would send out emails to as many addresses as possible to see which would bounce back with an autoresponder saying the owner was out of town. It was easy to then look up the name in a phone book and often determine where the person lived.

When our house was burglarized when I was younger, the police said it was likely done by someone who was in the neighborhood because they were pretty specific what they went through. It was as if they had been in the house before and knew what to take.