Dream: Airbender gone wrong

This was one of those being chased dreams. Everyone has superpowers. Mine? If I move too fast in a single direction a glowing, writhing ball of explosives developed in front of me. My superpower was pulling the hydrocarbons out of the air to make an aerosol TNT. But only in front of me. If I timed… Continue reading Dream: Airbender gone wrong

Dream Deadline

So last night I dreamed I failed to meet a deadline. A couple police officers showed up in my cube, handcuffed me, and perp walked me out of the building with a bunch of people in the office staring.


Better today. Really didn’t expect things to improve until next week. One good thing about this place. The scenery is very nice. Gotta start taking smoke breaks. Yes, I know I don’t smoke. Just gives me a chance to step outside and get my bearings. {UPDATE} I should be more clear: scenery  ==  pretty females in very… Continue reading Scenery


Kewl dream… Was working on something and phone rings. So I start to take care of it. A couple people come into my office and sit down. A few more people are waiting just outside the door. I finished the phone call and said, “Next.” Took care of one of the people waiting on me.… Continue reading Next