Kewl dream…

Was working on something and phone rings. So I start to take care of it. A couple people come into my office and sit down. A few more people are waiting just outside the door. I finished the phone call and said, “Next.” Took care of one of the people waiting on me. Just after she left, one of the people in the hall comes in and takes her seat. She says to the guy whom I am now helping, “You know, A [0] used to be really good, but he has let it go down the tubes.” I turned to her and barked, “I don’t administrate that system. I help when I-”

The alarm blasts in my ear.

Ugh. Think I need to try to take tomorrow off. Work and dreams never mix.

[0] Name of a system we use withheld to protect the innocent and/or guilty.




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