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  • Autopet

    Luna, the cat, likes to hang out in this window. Since she is young, she runs and jumps up to the seat and jumps again to the back. As she does, I stick my hand out and let it glide across her back. She gets to watch what I call “cat tv.” I get a…

  • Cats Present Dead Animals

    Lots of people claim the reason cats present dead animals to their humans is because they are trying to teach the human to hunt. (Mental Floss, IFLScience, LiveScience) At one point I probably agreed with this. This conclusion rests on cats treating their human as a kitten. I wonder if there is something else at…

  • The Cat Came Back

    We had this on VHS back in the day when my little brother was young. It was a collection of shorts. This is the only one which still haunts me… The original song is mentioned on Wikipedia: The Cat Came Back and full lyrics.

  • Overheard In The Office

    DBA: Some of you use stage in all lower case, some in all upper case, and some in mixed case. You have to all use one naming convention. The way you have written this, its not going to work. Programmer: That is why I am here. I need you to fix their stuff so it…

  • Something Your Boss Does Want To Hear

    Quote for the day: I spent all day working on a bad EAR. Oh, WebLogic and your deplorable… I mean, deployable… applications!

  • Hairy

    Hairy Originally uploaded by sneezypb. Definitely time for a haircut. About a week ago I decided I needed one. However, its been quite hectic. As most of you know, I work for the University System of Georgia’s Office of Instructional and Information Technology, specifically a project to provide system wide (35 schools) online classes. We…

  • Fake + Kidnapping = Bad Idea

    Woman fakes kidnapping to avoid work – Yahoo! News: A 21-year-old German woman who did not feel like going to work at a fast food restaurant sent her parents a text message saying she had been kidnapped. Police in the Bavarian town of Straubing said Wednesday they had launched a massive search throughout the region…

  • Misty from the Demon World

    Misty from the Demon World Originally uploaded by sneezypb. Apparently mom has fluorescent lamps and not Tungsten as I assumed. So the camera setting for adjusting for Tungston light made the shot way too blue. However, I do like the effect.