Luna, the cat, likes to hang out in this window. Since she is young, she runs and jumps up to the seat and jumps again to the back. As she does, I stick my hand out and let it glide across her back. She gets to watch what I call “cat tv.” I get a… Continue reading Autopet

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Gracie Died

It has not been a very good six weeks for my mother. Her mother and one of her three cats died during this period. Way back in 1995, I had just moved from Mom’s house to Dad’s. Mom decided to get another cat. I guess Winnie needed company or something like that? William was still… Continue reading Gracie Died

Over Purr

Winnie used to purr somewhat like this for much of her life. In her case it was because someone shot her with a bb gun and the bullet went through her nose and into her throat.

Mmmmm Tasty!

Mmmmm Tasty!, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Misty licking her nose. It’s been a while since I posted a picture. Here is one from January I have yet to upload. 😀

A Kitten

who wants ONE Originally uploaded by nicolas valentin. A times I consider getting a kitten. I like cats. I miss having one around all the time. Of course, I don’t miss sneezing all the time (I’m allergic).

Peeking Misty

ezs study in grey misty Originally uploaded by nessieshome. Mom posted this in her Flickr site. I took it a few years ago, 2004 maybe. Its of Misty, her cat, peeking from behind a curtain while she was on the window sill to look at the birds and squirrels outside.