Find One’s Work

Hmmmmmmmm…. “The one predominant duty is to find one’s work and do it.” — Charlotte Perkins Gilman, American economist, lecturer, author, and feminist

Violence in Schools

Interesting quote addressing the recent violence in schools. I’ll tell you what went wrong and it’s not TV, rap music, video games or a lack of prayer in school. What went wrong is that white Americans decided to ignore dysfunction and violence when it only affected other communities, and thereby blinded themselves to the inevitable… Continue reading Violence in Schools


Nice and dreary outside. We need the rain, but at what cost? Thunderstorm warnings… tornado watches… Funny things is that just yesterday we were told that the drought would continue. Yes, I know that one measley thunderstorm will not cancel 3 years of drought conditions, but the rain will be especially nice. Wow… Yesterday around… Continue reading Stormy

Online Communities

Something I guess I intuitively knew, but never really considered is that online communities are exactly that… communities. Consider that these places have areas for interacting with other members. People do the usual thing like talk to each other. I think the key is the results of the conversation… they argue, aid other, seek info,… Continue reading Online Communities

Hit 500 Visitors

Just need 11 more visitors to give my home page 500 visitors. I really like Site Meter’s site tracker as it even predicts how much traffic I am likely to get based upon the last hour, week, or month results. Just 5 more visitors to The Fountain of Knowledge to hit 500. Seems the more active I… Continue reading Hit 500 Visitors

The spirit and intelligence of man is essential

I’ve typed up a long quote that I really like. The parts best liked are bolded. Let us now discover more specifically how he [man] is the image and likeness of God and what is the standard or criterion by which he can be measured and estimated. This standard can be no other than the divine… Continue reading The spirit and intelligence of man is essential


My what a quiet morning. Woke up early as usual and just sat back and continued reading A Storm of Swords. Only on page 710 or so. At least I am nearing the end. Seems like George has managed to pull the rug out from under me a couple more times. Excellent writer and very hard… Continue reading Agendas


It is so hard to become proactive when you are inundated with reactive…

The State

Here is a quote taken from this web site: Think that both Pericles and Socrates are right in a fashion (more after the quote). Perhaps the most difficult problem of mankind down through the ages has been how to coordinate our common affairs in an efficient, competent, creative and democratic way. Many people, including the… Continue reading The State