Bad Tippers

Gotta love spam… “Ezra, we guarantee that you will stop smoking!” I can guarantee it too… I don’t smoke. I even try not to get second hand smoke! WTF?

Gonna go home and take a nap. Definitely will take some allergy meds. Tired cause I’m not getting enough oxygen (racing heartbeat and sich).

Birthday parties are weird. I’ve never really been into them. Parties I like, but celebrating aging?

These guys that were arrested in FL were only a few miles from me at the closest point of their travel south. Watching the media cover this story, my mind instantly linked the media’s speculations about “dirty bombs” (nuclear waste exploded conventially) and the presense of accelerants (convential explosives) in the vehicle.

Currently Reading: The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, Part 2)


    1. Thx. Think maybe it has hit its peak. Probably should see a doc and get something better than acetametaphine. Try to only take it when things get rough so it will be at its maximum potency, but over 7 years maybe I’ve reached the point it won’t work anymore.

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