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IT Work Force Set to Grow

Science & Technology News:

Yahoo! News – Archaeologists Unearth Base of Egypt Queen Pyramid


There could be 1.1 million jobs created over the next year. Yahoo! News – Information Technology Work Force Set to Grow

Really… these days notebooks are actually decent. You can do quite a bit of stuff of them. Yahoo! News – Notebooks clearing off the desktop

$250 for a hardcover sized reader. Or use my Handspring? Titles are still as much for a book as if I bought if from the store in hardback. Will find some free ones and take a look. Yahoo! News – Lighter Loads for Traveling Readers

World News:

I guess the U.S. is not interested in terrorists which do not make front page news by taking U.S. citizens? If it is not on the front page, then we don’t know anything about it. Columbia has its own little “War on Terrorism”. Yahoo! News – Colombia Death Toll Rises to 108 (Related: HoustonChronicle.com – Special Reports: Rebel Held)


Another article on Kellner… LawMeme: Legal Bricolage for a Technological Age – Top Ten New Copyright Crimes

Yes, sir… There has been talk of skipping work here. If others go, then I probably will too. Otherwise I will take a long lunch timed for 15 minutes before the box office opens and get tickets for the earliest show I can after work. A Star Wars sickout may cost economy – May. 6, 2002


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