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Category: Health / Medicine

  • Can’t Be Sick Now

    Falling over tired. Feels like I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Ironically, I took a 3 hour nap for lunch…. Last time something like this happened, I was sick for a day. Ugh. Can’t be sick now. Have too much to do!  

  • Bad Tippers

    Gotta love spam… “Ezra, we guarantee that you will stop smoking!” I can guarantee it too… I don’t smoke. I even try not to get second hand smoke! WTF? Gonna go home and take a nap. Definitely will take some allergy meds. Tired cause I’m not getting enough oxygen (racing heartbeat and sich). Birthday parties are weird. […]

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    One of my co-workers, a rather large fellow though not as big as me, had a scare with his blood pressure. Early reports we got at work was that it had symptoms of a pulmonary embolism. Blood clots in the blood are scary enough… that they lodge and backup the flow of blood is terrifying. […]

  • First Step to Gaming Addiction

    There are people I know and people I think I know via a few routes of 3-4 degrees of separation but am not really sure. So I think I recognize them and can think of why I should recognize them. Then again maybe I am just experiencing early symptoms of dementia and losing the logical facilities of my […]

  • Water I Need

    The power going out is something with which I can live. The gas can go out too for all I care. I do not have cable and rarely use the telephone. Yet, the water I need. Hygene and hydration are extremely important to me. The downward spiral of Israel and Palestine is going to get […]

  • Doctors Suck

    I really think that the reason I do not get sick is force of will. Doctors suck. Nurses are kewl. Pharmecies suck (no offense Ellen). No matter how bad any of those are, insurance companies must go away. I really don’t think socialized medicine would be much better so that is no alternative. Still, one […]

  • Better

    Spent yesterday home sick. Guess I did too much Saturday… enough that I completely crashed Sunday and was still weak Monday. Was able to come in to work this morning. – – – – – Getting my radiator fixed… hopefully means that my car will be condition to go on some road trips. – – […]

  • Bronchitis

    I have bronchitis… you know “tiredness, chills, aches, a low fever, and a sore throat”. Taking antibiotics, cough medicine with an expectorant, and tylenol when needed. Of course, here I am on the computer instead of getting bed rest. This is just like resting, right? Okay, so it is not… just don’t feel like being shacked […]

  • Sick

    Feeling on the sick side. Guy in the office has a viral infection, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. Probably will go to the doctor tomorrow if things do not improve. – – – – – How about installing a database while you feel sick? – – – – – From theOnion… Graphic Designer’s Judgment Clouded […]