Can’t Be Sick Now

Falling over tired. Feels like I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Ironically, I took a 3 hour nap for lunch…. Last time something like this happened, I was sick for a day. Ugh. Can’t be sick now. Have too much to do!  

Bad Tippers

Gotta love spam… “Ezra, we guarantee that you will stop smoking!” I can guarantee it too… I don’t smoke. I even try not to get second hand smoke! WTF? Gonna go home and take a nap. Definitely will take some allergy meds. Tired cause I’m not getting enough oxygen (racing heartbeat and sich). Birthday parties are weird.… Continue reading Bad Tippers

Pulmonary Embolism

One of my co-workers, a rather large fellow though not as big as me, had a scare with his blood pressure. Early reports we got at work was that it had symptoms of a pulmonary embolism. Blood clots in the blood are scary enough… that they lodge and backup the flow of blood is terrifying.… Continue reading Pulmonary Embolism

Water I Need

The power going out is something with which I can live. The gas can go out too for all I care. I do not have cable and rarely use the telephone. Yet, the water I need. Hygene and hydration are extremely important to me. The downward spiral of Israel and Palestine is going to get… Continue reading Water I Need

Doctors Suck

I really think that the reason I do not get sick is force of will. Doctors suck. Nurses are kewl. Pharmecies suck (no offense Ellen). No matter how bad any of those are, insurance companies must go away. I really don’t think socialized medicine would be much better so that is no alternative. Still, one… Continue reading Doctors Suck


Spent yesterday home sick. Guess I did too much Saturday… enough that I completely crashed Sunday and was still weak Monday. Was able to come in to work this morning. – – – – – Getting my radiator fixed… hopefully means that my car will be condition to go on some road trips. – –… Continue reading Better


I have bronchitis… you know “tiredness, chills, aches, a low fever, and a sore throat”. Taking antibiotics, cough medicine with an expectorant, and tylenol when needed. Of course, here I am on the computer instead of getting bed rest. This is just like resting, right? Okay, so it is not… just don’t feel like being shacked… Continue reading Bronchitis


Feeling on the sick side. Guy in the office has a viral infection, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. Probably will go to the doctor tomorrow if things do not improve. – – – – – How about installing a database while you feel sick? – – – – – From theOnion… Graphic Designer’s Judgment Clouded… Continue reading Sick