First Step to Gaming Addiction

There are people I know and people I think I know via a few routes of 3-4 degrees of separation but am not really sure. So I think I recognize them and can think of why I should recognize them.

Then again maybe I am just experiencing early symptoms of dementia and losing the logical facilities of my brain. 🙁

Last night was fun. Only played one game of 007 Agent Under Fire with my brother. Thought it interesting that I kept up with him having never touched it before. :p The next he played against his friends (his 20 kills foreshadowed a frustrating night for all of them). I am a game addict and must stay away from such or be sucked into the vortex. For a while I was playing a hour at 7am every morning before work and as soon as I got home until 2-3 in the morning. <3 Repeat. Rinse. Repeat.

This is not a new addiction by any means. Ever since my grandmother bought her first Atari back in the early 80s I’ve been an addict. My parents had to buy me one cause I was at her house more than theirs. Console or PC? Does not matter. I have serious reservations about having a phat computer with broadband at the house. I would post here more… the people at work might miss me. Take that back… would never see me. 😀

If I understand Hotmail correctly, then I lose all of the information in my account if I do not sign in once every 30 days. I can save myself some grief by signing up for extra storage for only $20 a year. Right…. They want me to hear, “This is a good deal and will save me some grief.” This says to me, “Do not keep anything important at Hotmail. Make sure you have the information duplicated elsewhere.”

Besides, why do I want more space for the ton of junk mail I don’t care about? j3ss1 has lots of examples.



  1. I know about dementia and losing the logical facilities of the brain. Got questions? ask me. 😀 I think Im a geek too.

  2. Aaahhh I remember Atari! Those were the days! 😉

    I’ve limited myself to one quest per evening. Seems like each quest takes 1-2 hours.

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